Recover Data from Unbootable MacBook

“My MacBook running with OS X 10.7 is not booting up properly. It seems that the Mac machine is not recognizing the hard drive. I tried with solutions I knew to resolve the issue, but it was of no use.

I didn’t back up my MacBook data, which is my big mistake. Is there a way to get my MacBook boot again or any way to recover data from unbootable MacBook? Or the data doomed to be lost forever?”


If your MacBook won’t boot up and you don’t posses backup, recovering data is challenging, but it is not impossible. Keep on reading.


When you try to start your troublesome MacBook, you may get some errors which make you to end up in a frustrating mood.

Causes for unbootable MacBook

MacBook will be unable to boot up is any one of the following reason is true…

  • When BIOS settings have been modified due to which it fails to recognize the MacBook hard drive, or
  • If MBR has been damaged, or
  • If the hard drive is corrupted

Resolution for data recovery from unbootable MacBook

To restore data when MacBook is not booting up, use SFWare Partition Recovery Software.

How SFWare Partition Recovery Application helps?

SFWare Partition Recovery Toolkit is incorporated with an option called “Partition Recovery” that helps to retrieve data from unbootable MacBook hard drive in one click. In addition, the utility is pre-loaded with advanced recovery algorithms that ensure no damage is made to your precious data during the recovery process. This program will be common for all MacBook users who are running Mac OS X ranging from Leopard to the latest one Sierra. It supports MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other Mac devices like Mac Mini and iMac effortlessly.

Pre-requites for restoring files from MacBook that is not booting up

First of all you need to remove hard drive from un-booting MacBook and connect that drive as a secondary drive to a healthy Mac machine. Now download and install SFWare Partition Recovery Wizard on that machine, launch it and follow the simple onscreen guidelines to restore lost data.

Warning – In order to have a successful recovery of data, it is mandatory that the attached victim hard drive should get recognized by the software installed machine!

Simple steps to get back data when MacBook is not booting

  • Select “Partition Recovery” option and click on “Next”
  • Choose the drive that represents the MacBook hard drive
  • Click “Next” and choose the file formats you need to restore or else skip the step
  • Software starts scanning the selected drive and after some time the recovered files will be displayed on the screen
  • You can now have a preview on restored data and save that on any desired location

One more thing – You have to activate the licensed key of the product in order to save the retrieved data. Remember you do not save it on the same drive from where you have recovered it.

More information on SFWare Partition Recovery Utility

This tool also included with another recovery option called “Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery”. Well, this will be helpful in recovering formatted Volume data on Mac OS X as well as from re formatted Volumes.

Other supported devices and data loss scenarios

Not only Mac machines, you can easily get back lost data from all portable devices like pen drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, external hard drives, etc.

With SFWare Partition Recovery Software, it is also possible to perform data recovery when the storage drive has been corrupted, Volumes are deleted or lost, and also when operating system crashes and the drive become dead.

A valuable advice - Making backups of your files is important. Before losing anything, back up now. You can use the OS X Time Machine feature to easily create back up files. That is the easiest way to back up your Mac. You can also use external disks for the same.

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