Western Digital Hard Drive Partition Recovery

Loss or deletion of partition from the Western Digital hard drive can take place because of many reasons. And, among those, few main causes are listed below.

Repartitioning Errors: We do WD HDD repartitioning to improve the system efficiency. Unfortunately, while carrying out the process of repartitioning if any sort of disruptions like a sudden power surge, system restart etc. takes place, then you will encounter error messages that in turn leads to loss of WD partition.

Deadly Malware: Deletion of partition from WD drive is the nastiest situation which is being faced by most of the WD user. If the WD drive is damaged due to virus attacks, then it severely corrupts WD HDD file system. This makes the partition to turn into an inaccessible state.

Not just above cases, you can find plenty of other causes that lead to deletion or loss of partition from WD HDD like accidental deletion, accidental formatting/reformatting, master boot record corruption, etc.

And, even though you might be aware of the manual method for recovering WD partition, some of you might find difficulty in implementing it. So, if you are finding the solution for how to recover Western Digital drive partition then stop your search.

Now, it is very easy to recover Western Digital partition with the help of SFWare Partition Recovery Software by following few simple steps.

Why do You need to Choose SFWare Partition Recovery for Recovering Western Digital Partition?

  • Provides the safest way for Western Digital Partition recovery within few clicks
  • You can get a trial version of SFWare Partition Recovery tool for free. Also, you will get an option for previewing the recovered partition from WD HDD
  • 100% free from virus. Hence you need not be worried about your original file while scanning your drive

Other Key Features of SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Successfully recovers all types of data including media files, movie files, music files, photos, documents, spreadsheets etc. from Western Digital hard drive partition
  • Restores files from any storage media like external hard disks, flash drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods, memory cards etc.
  • Instantly retrieves WD hard drive partition including WD Passport hard drive partition
  • Ability to retrieve files from IDE, SATA, SCSI and all other types of hard drives which are available in the market
  • SFWare Partition Recovery Software can restore NTFS, FAT32, FAT 16 formatted WD HDD partition on all major versions of Windows OS
  • Other than WD, you can also retrieve partitions of Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega and Hitachi external hard disk using this application
  • You can save the recovery session in order to avoid re-scanning of storage media and therefore it saves your precious time
  • Completely recovers files from formatted, re-formatted, inaccessible or technically damaged Western Digital hard drives

Steps to Perform Western Digital Partition Recovery:

  • Install SFWare Partition Recovery tool on a working computer
  • Connect your Western Digital drive to it
  • Run the program, and select “Partition Recovery” option on the main screen
  • Opt “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option to recover formatted WD drive
  • On the next screen, select the WD drive from the list and proceed
  • Software will scan the selected Western Digital drive for data recovery
  • A list of recovered files will be shown in “Data View” and “File Type View
  • Go through the retrieved data and activate the program
  • Save the recovered WD partition data to a new location

Key Suggestions:

  • Never use your WD external drive in virus infected computer
  • Don’t use unreliable third party programs to create partitions on Western Digital drives
  • Practice proper method for removing/ejecting WD external HDD

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