Guide to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Photo Booth on Mac

Updated on January 10, 2023

No doubt, Photo Booth is a great tool to click pictures and edit them on your Mac. However, just like other file types, these Photo booth files can also get deleted or lost at times. What will you do in such situations? This guide provides you recovery solutions which are easy and quick to recover deleted ot lost Photo Booth files from Mac.

Photo Booth is a software application that helps taking photos and videos on your iSight camera as a part of macOS and ipadOS, published by Apple Inc. If you are wondering where you can find Photo Booth application, you can just type Photo Booth on the search button, your Photo Booth application shows up on the screen.

Where are Photo Booth pictures saved?

To verify your pictures are still present on the drive, you can find your photo booth picture here: -

Just like other applications, files from Photo booth tends to get deleted or lost due to multiple reasons. A few of them are, accidental shutting down of the device, virus infection or corruption on drive. If you have lost your pictures and video from Photo booth application, you must be wondering, is it possible to recover pictures and videos from Photo booth?

Is it possible to recover Deleted or Lost Pictures, Videos from Photo Booth on Mac?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos and videos from Photo Booth. This is because, any mac drive when deleted option is used or lost, only the logical link is been removed from the file. The file would still exist on the drive. Using a suitable method, you can easily recover the Photo Booth files on Mac drive.

Note: As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to stop using your Mac device if you encounter such a situation. Further use of the system may cause new files to overwrite the old files that are deleted or lost. This may result in permanent deletion of files from the hard drive, hence it is best not to use the system after data loss.

How to Recover Photo Booth Files on Mac?

Below given are the 3 methods to recover Photo Booth pictures and videos on Mac.

Method 1: Check Photo booth library and Trash

Newer Mac OS’s have a different default location for Photo booth files. It’s possible that you are looking at the older path. Hence, it is a good idea to check here before moving on to other solutions. Please follow the steps below to find the default location.

If you don’t find it here, check the Trash folder. If files are deleted from Photo booth, they should be here. If you don’t find it here, try recovering it from Time Machine backup.

Method 2: Recover from Time Machine

If you have set up Time Machine and backed up everything, you’re in luck. Just navigate to the Pictures folder in Photo booth library and click Time Machine in the dock. Locate the images or videos you wish to restore and click Restore.

If you are still unable to find your Photo Booth files in Trash folder and Time Machine backup, chances are they are deleted and not accessible from user interface. In such cases, you will have to resort to third party tools such as SFWare Photo Recovery Tool.

Recover Photo Booth files Using SFWare

Download and install SFWare Mac Photo Recovery Software on your computer to recover Photo Booth pictures and videos. Do not worry! The Software can recover both images and videos from Mac drive.

1. First step is to, select Recover Photos from the main screen. Next, Recover Deleted photos or Lost photos according to the situations you lost your Photo Booth files.

recover deleted photobooth files

2. Now, Select the Disk you need to recover. Once disk is selected, the tool displays the volume. select the drive on Mac where Photo Booth folder was saved.

select drive to recover deleted photos from photobooth

3. Next, select the Volume to continue the process. Scanning is initiated (scanning time depends on the volume of the drive chosen to recover)

4. Once the scanning process completes, all the recoverable files on the selected Mac drive will be displayed in Data View or File Type View. View Photo Booth recoverable files from the Mac drives.

preview of recovered photos from photobooth files

You can preview the files to be recovered. If you are satisfied with the results, you can save the files in your desirable location on your PC that has enough storage to hold the data.

Note: Make sure you are not saving recovered data on the same drive from which you are recovering.

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