Repair Outlook 2013 when Stopped Working

Microsoft Outlook 2013 has stopped working message will generally show up while users are working with their Outlook profile. This Outlook 2013 has stopped working error, completely freezes the Outlook (2013) application all of a sudden. So, this issue must be resolved if, the user wants to access the Outlook account again.

In order to repair Outlook 2013 has stopped working issue, you can follow some couple of solutions described here.

Note: Prior trying any of these fixes, it is suggested to ensure that your Office 2013 application is up-to-date. If the Microsoft Office 2013 software is updated and still you are getting this “Outlook stopped working” error, then follow below-listed troubleshooting techniques one after the other (in the order).

1. Create New Profile

Problems with the current Outlook 2013 profile could cause the issue Outlook has stopped working. So, create a new profile, replace the existing profile and re-add email accounts to this new profile.

2. Disable Add-ins

Certain add-ins may give rise to compatibility issues and lead to "Outlook 2013 has stopped working" error. To ensure this start Outlook in Safe Mode.

If Outlook doesn’t start even in Safe Mode, then the problem doesn’t lie with add-ins.

In case, Outlook 2013 starts in Safe Mode, then disable application add-ins and COM add-ins using below steps:

If Outlook works fine after disabling add-ins, then update respective add-ins. If you find no update, then get rid of them.

If Outlook doesn't start after disabling the add-in, then repeat the same procedure for other add-ins one by one. If all add-ins are unchecked and still Outlook 2013 stopped working message appears then try the next troubleshooting.

3. Repair Office 2013

4. Update Device Drivers

Run a Windows or Microsoft update and verify you have latest device drivers. If you don’t have, then update them.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Office

From Control Panel, uninstall Outlook 2013 application. Then, download Outlook from Microsoft official site and install.

If none of the above methods help you then grab an excellent repair tool for repairing MS Outlook 2013 has stopped working issue.

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Step-By-Step Procedure to Fix Microsoft Outlook 2013 Has Stopped Working: