Program to Repair Oversized Outlook PST File

Not able to access files from Outlook application? Can’t open, copy, download emails/attachments from Outlook? Well, such problems arise when size of PST file exceed its maximum permissible limit. It is one of the hard core fact that Outlook PST file oversize is considered as the prime factors for corruption. However, there is nothing to get worried. Use of an efficient PST repair tool can successfully fix oversized PST file so that you can regain access and perform regular Outlook operations.

SFWare tool to repair PST is one professional application that can be applied to fix oversized PST file. This PST repair tool is industry recommended program that repairs oversized PST for Outlook application and recovers PST data with ease. It's user friendly nature helps a person with less technical skill to repair oversized PST file without facing any difficulty. This application does not modify original corrupt PST file during file repair process. It just takes copy of oversized PST file and scans it deeply to extract Outlook attributes and finally makes new PST file with extracted data.

Now let us know why Outlook PST file gets oversized?

On daily basis, while working on Outlook application, you send/receive number of emails, entry calendars, make notes, add contacts and do many other activities in it. After many days or months of usage, Outlook mailbox gather huge amount of files and corresponding PST file grow in size. Generally, Outlook 2002 and previous versions, maximum permissible size limit of PST file is 2GB, for Outlook 2003 it has increased to 20GB and later 50 GB for Outlook 2010. On using Outlook PST file for many years, size of PST file even exceeds this limit, hence raising a chance for corruption, due to this you find difficulty to send/receive mails, archiving PST file and moving files from Outlook application. What should be done now?

MS Outlook PST file gets oversized it takes lot of time to respond and open files from it, this problem becomes even worse when you try to access emails or contacts and are responded with some error messages. Some of the common error messages are mentioned below:

PST file corruption due to oversize issue puts great negative effect on your nosiness as in almost every organization. In order to deal with such problems of Outlook PST file corruption, use SFWare PST Repair Tool and fix corrupt PST file quickly.

This tool repairs oversized PST file so that you can easily recover all your important Outlook data like email, messages, RSS feeds, contacts, address book, reminder and others. It is designed and developed by well experienced technical staff. In case if you feel any assistance is required to use this program then you can avail the support at any point of time. SFWare PST Repair Tool can effectively repair Outlook 2007 oversized PST file including 2013, 2010, 2003 and 2000. You can download this SFWare application to repair PST file in Windows 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10 and other different versions.

Few important tips to avoid PST file corruption due to oversize: