Repairing Outlook PSt without ScanPST.EXE

Every time if some irregularities takes place in an Outlook application, Scanpst.exe automatically prompts with a message asking permission to repair corrupted PST file. Or else even sometimes when you infer that your Outlook PST file is damaged then you can make use of Scanpst.exe Tool for repairing it. Since you run the Scanpst.exe and browse to choose the PST file in an Outlook application, the Scanpst.exe checks the file directory structure and file header for corruptions and tries to fix the file. But it refuses to fix the upper level objects like messages, calendars, attachments, sub folders, notes, etc. This is because the low level structure does not have the information regarding the upper level ones. One of the most worst conditions is when Scanpst.exe is unable to read the structure of the folder or the item then it erases the entire folder with its sub folders from the directory. Therefore, finally you end up with losing more files and lands in further trouble thinking scanpst.exe does not repair my Outlook .pst file.

Now the question arises in your mind like how to fix PST file when ScanPST fails? Don’t worry when ScanPST.EXE fails to repair your Outlook PST file, you can easily repair PST without scanPST with the help of SFWare PST Repair Tool within a matter of few minutes. As this software is designed with user friendly interface, even a novice can carry out PST file repair without ScanPST inbox repair tool quickly. Therefore, you get a complete guidance on how to repair PST file without ScanPST inbox repair tool with the aid of this utility.

Why to use SFWare PST Repair Utility for repairing Outlook PST without ScanPST.EXE?

  • This program gives you complete details on how to repair PST file without Scanpst on different versions of Windows Operating system that includes Windows 10, Windows 8, Window 7, XP, Vista etc.
  • Will easily fix Outlook PST file without scanpst on Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 PST file thereby allowing you to recover calendar entries, emails, contact, task, notes, etc. which are deleted or lost
  • SFWare PST Repair Application not only focuses on how to repair PST file without scanpst, but also has potential to create a new PST file and save restored data from Outlook in newly created PST file with utmost ease
  • Ability to repair highly compressed and password protected PST files easily within moments of time
  • This wizard is available for free on internet wherein you can download and successfully get complete solution on how to repair PST without scanPST tool
  • Fixed PST files can be stored on any of the external storage devices such as CDs, FireWire Drives, Memory Cards, etc.

Scenarios where this utility is helpful to repair PST file without Scanpst:

  • Outlook PST file can get damaged if it is infected with deadly viruses or while performing routine virus cleanups
  • During the process of restoring Outlook PST file after deletion, if you use any unreliable third party recovery program then chances are there where PST file can get corrupted making you to repair PST without Scanpst tool
  • Improperly terminating the Outlook application while accessing files in it may sometime cause file corruption
  • During compressing or decompressing Outlook PST files, if there occurs any error then you will have to mend PST without Scanpst tool for fixing PST file

Because of above mentioned situations, PST file can get damaged resulting in Outlook contents being inaccessible. If you want to know fixing PST file when scanPST fails, then SFWare is the perfect solution. This utility is reliable and far more superior than the Inbox repair tool in fixing PST file without Scanpst. How you can prevent PST file corruption? Well, there are many methods with which you can adopt to avoid Outlook PST file corruption. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Always keep backup copy of PST file, before using Scanpst.exe application, to avoid unwanted data loss
  • Never terminate the Outlook application improperly
  • Repaired PST file can be stored on external storage devices to be on safer side
  • It is recommended to maintain the PST file size as per the MS Outlook version, to avoid corruption
  • Compress large PST file to avoid PST file corruption due to size limitation
  • Only use an updated anti-virus app to keep your PC virus free

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