Split Oversized PST File Manually/Automatically

There are times when you might want to split PST file, as the file is oversized and you worry it might get corrupted. But you don’t know how to split Outlook PST file. Don’t worry; this article will tell you how to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts. Do you know that it can be done manually? If not, then here you go –

Given here are 2 methods of manually splitting PST file. So let’s get started.

Method 1: Using Outlook Archive to move PST files

  • Launch Outlook and select the PST file from which files have to be moved.
  • Go to File – Info
  • Click on Cleanup Tools, you get a dropdown list
  • Select Archive
  • In the Archive dialogue box, Archive this folder and all subfolders box is checked by default
  • Now from the list, select any folder which you want to move – for e.g.: Inbox folder
  • For Archive items older than option, select a date
  • Now browse to select a location, and give a name to this PST file
  • Finally hit on OK button

A new PST file will get created now.

Method 2: Using Move to Folders feature

  • Launch Outlook, and in the Home tab, click New Items
  • Now click on More Items from the drop down list, and select Outlook Data File
  • You will get a Create or Open Outlook Data File window
  • Give a name to this new Outlook data file, and click OK
  • The new Outlook data file will appear
  • Now expand the Outlook data file from which you want to move file items (Select one mailbox folder at a time, e.g.: Inbox folder)
  • Click on Move – Copy to Folder option
  • The Copy Items window will appear
  • Now select the new Outlook data file into which you want to copy mailbox folder, and click on OK

In some time, the process will be completed. You will get a new PST file which contains the mailbox folder that you had copied.

Well, there are certain limitations with manual methods of splitting PST file. If the size of mailboxes is small, then you can move them easily to new PST file. However, if the size is really large then it is time consuming. Moreover, you need to follow proper steps while splitting the file. If you go wrong, then there are chances of PST file getting corrupted.

Also, you cannot split a corrupted PST file. So to fix Outlook data file, which is corrupted, you need an efficient PST Repair tool like SFWare PST Repair software. This tool will securely repair corrupt PST file, and also recover emails, contacts, notes, journals, events, and all other attributes. Moreover, since SFWare PST Repair application works on read-only mode, it doesn’t damage the corrupt PST file any further.

So if you don’t want the hassles of manually splitting PST file, you can do it automatically with the help of PST File Splitter tool. These tools will efficiently split the PST file in a short while, and it also doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge. But make sure you use reliable tools for this purpose, as some tools can corrupt your PST file.

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