Quick Fixes for Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed Error

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Microsoft Outlook is the best offline email manager. Its user-friendly interface backed with Microsofts security makes it a trusted email application. Nevertheless, it still cursed with errors that will put your valuable and personal information at risk. The Outlook data file cannot be accessed is one of those.

Although it can be easily resolved if you make any mistake while repairing, the whole Outlook data file will be corrupted. Hence follow the instructions specified in the article for safe and successful resolving of 0x8004010f or Outlook data file cannot be accessed error.

How Outlook Data File Cannot be opened or accessed is caused?

“Outlook folder cannot be accessed” or “0x8004010f Outlook 2016, 2010 or 365” error, whatever version of MS Outlook you are using the reasons behind this error is the same. The three typical reasons causing this error are

Corrupt or incorrect Outlook profile configuration: If you enter any wrong details while setting up of the account you will encounter this error

Change in location of Outlook data file: Consider that you have migrated to a new computer and fail to update it in the Outlook application. In such a situation, Outlook will fail to locate the Outlook data file.

Error in Updating Outlook: Outlook updates deliver lots of security and functional features. However, update also means compatibility issues between old and new Outlook files. In such situations, Outlook has an inbuilt inbox repair tool that can easily resolve the mentioned issue.

Easy Fix for 0x8004010f error

Create a new Outlook profile:

In most of the cases creating a new profile or reconfiguring the profile will clear out most of the problems. Before proceeding further it is recommended to delete any existing account. Doing so will clear out any corrupt profile

While creating a new profile you can create with same account details you deleted and use existing Outlook file as default.

Once your Outlook is clear of all the corrupt profiles, go ahead and create a new account with the same account details you deleted. There are two ways for creating a profile

Auto Account Setup:

Manual Account Setup:

After creating a new profile make existing Outlook data file (OST and PST file) as default data files. You can do that by

This should take care of corrupt profile and change in the location of an Outlook data file. If you still cannot open Outlook data file, it might be because of the compatibility issues. Solution for compatibility issue is scanpst.exe inbuilt Outlook inbox repair tool

Repair using Scanpst.exe:

Scanpst.exe will be located in c/Program Files x86 \Microsoft Office\root\Office16 or office15 office 12 according to the version you are using.

This should do the trick. If at all you still cannot access it, because the file is corrupted. The capabilities of scanpst.exe are limited to some extent. It cannot repair high-level corruption or errors.

When a pst file or Outlook data file is corrupted your priority should be repairing it. However, you surely need an Outlook pst repair tool in this circumstance.

How to repair inaccessible Outlook data file with an Outlook pst repair tool

SFWare PST repair tool is the best answer for any kind of Outlook file related errors. Its seamless user interface will ensure to repair corrupted Outlook files with the least effort. Here is how you repair a corrupted Outlook data file.

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An Outlook data file contains all your personal information, your work schedule, appointments, and contacts. There are numerous threats that put your data in jeopardy. Specifically, this article explains you about "Outlook data file cannot be accessed" error. The reasons leading to this error are simple but the outcome is not. Once you encounter with this problem Outlook will stop sending or receiving emails. Even though there is an inbuilt tool to repair corrupt pst file it can save you in all situations. However, having an effective pst repair tool will help you to repair the corrupted or damaged Outlook data file or pst file easily.