Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to Fix Outlook Errors

"SFWare PST repair tool is a safe and secure software to repair severely damaged pst file. It is also capable of recovering items from the Outlook profile. This Outlook data file repair tool works on a copy of the PST file to avoid any damage to the original file."

Outlook emails, contacts, calendars and other attributes are stored in two different types of data files such as Personal Storage Table (.pst) or Offline Storage Table (.ost). Due to certain limitations in the file structure of Outlook data files, they are known to frequently get corrupted or damaged. These damages lead to error messages like Outlook cannot open data file, Outlook cannot open set of folders or Outlook file is damaged. To confront these errors Outlook Inbox Repair Tool is built within the Outlook application to solve the accessibility issues faced by the users.

Data files used in Outlook profile are safe and secure to store emails, contacts, calendar and other information. But in some instances, users come across several Outlook errors that prevents them from accessing the data stored in their Outlook application.

5 Most Common Outlook Errors are:

To address Outlook user’s concern, Microsoft developed a tool to repair Outlook data file that is built to fix most of the above issues and other accessibility errors related to Outlook data files.

How to Repair Outlook OST File?

Configuring Outlook with IMAP account automatically creates an OST file to store Outlook profile data. A OST files allows the user to work offline and synchronise it later. This is helpful to users having very limited access to internet.

As the data of the Outlook profile is stored in server and synchronised at regular interval, any damage or corruption to the file does not affect data stored in it. But sometimes the file will be inaccessible and the user will not be able to open the Outlook application and a need arises to repair Outlook OST file.

The easiest and secure way to repair Outlook .ost file is to locate the OST file and delete it from the Outlook folder. Once the user logs back into the Outlook application, it creates a new OST file. This newly created .ost file is corruption free with complete data.

How to Repair Outlook PST File?

If in in case you have configured your Outlook account with Personal Folder Table (.pst) file, then follow the steps mentioned below to repair Outlook pst file using Outlook inbox repair tool.

After the repair process is over, launch your Outlook application and check whether the issues are fixed by Outlook inbox repair tool.

If you find any folder is missing, use the following steps to recover the missing folders from your Outlook PST file.

But sometimes you might still find few files are missing and it is inaccessible. In such cases you can use the backup file created by the Outlook inbox repair tool to get back the missing files.

Steps to Recover Missing Folders from Backup PST File:

Now in your Outlook profile you will find the recovered folders under the backup pst file section.

If the corruption of the pst file is severe, scanpst.exe wont repair and recover data from the damaged pst file. In such cases users are advised to use SFWare Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix the corrupt pst file and to get back complete data from the file.

As scanpst.exe can only repair minor corruptions and manipulates the original file, it is recommended to use SFWare Outlook inbox repair tool to reapir file and recover Outlook items.

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool: 7 Easy Steps to Repair Outlook Data File

To repair Outlook data file, download and install SFWare Outlook data file repair tool.

You have successfully completed the repair process. All the files and folders missing from your corrupt or damaged pst file are recovered. This Outlook data file repair tool is compatible with Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003.

How to avoid Outlook data file corruption?


As Outlook application is overloaded with emails, contacts, calendar, settings, meetings it has its own system to prevent from sudden crash or corruption. But due to users fault or unexpected event, Outlook data files are prone to corruption. Severe corruption or damages have to be rectified immediately, because it might cause permanent data loss. SFWare Outlook Inbox Repair Tool is specifically built to encounter such issues and recover backup all items from your Outlook profile.