Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook - 3 Simple Solutions

SFWare PST Repair tool is the best solution to recover deleted emails in Outlook, when it is deleted accidentally, automatically by Outlook or due to corrupt PST file. Works with Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and older versions!

Consider a situation where you are clearing your Outlook Inbox because it is full and you are no longer able to receive any emails. During the process, you accidentally delete some important emails. And now you're frantically looking for ways to recover them.

If you're in such a situation, this is the page you are looking for. This article gives you three best solutions to recover deleted emails in Outlook.

Recovering deleted emails in Outlook is no more a difficult task. With SFWare PST Repair as your choice, you have the advantage of simplicity, precise recovery, user-friendliness & efficiency. Go ahead, download a trial and recover deleted emails for free!

Solution 1: Recover emails from 'Deleted Items folder'

Whenever emails are deleted from Outlook, they are normally moved to the Deleted Items folder. They usually remain in the Deleted Items folder until they are manually cleared from there. Or for a particular period of time until they are permanently deleted.

Important! If you don't see the Deleted Items folder and you instead see 'Trash', it means that your Outlook account doesn't support recovery of items deleted permanently and you will need specialized tools like SFWare PST Repair.

To recover deleted Outlook emails from the Deleted Items folder,

1. Click on the 'Deleted Items' folder found in the left menu of your Outlook

deleted items folder

2. If you find the email you are looking for, right click on it and select Move

3. Select a desired folder to move the emails and restore them

move emails from deleted items

Solution 2: Recover permanently deleted emails

If you don't find your emails in the Deleted Items folder, it will usually be moved to a hidden folder called 'Recoverable Items' folder. This is usually when you do one of the following:

To recover emails in this case,

1. Open Outlook and click on 'Deleted Items' folder

2. Ideally, you will find this folder empty because all the files are cleared from here

3. Now, click on the 'Home' menu and select 'Recover Deleted Items from Server'

4. Now, all the deleted emails will be recovered from the server and a list will be displayed to you

5. Select the email that you want to recover and click 'Restore Selected Items' and click Ok

The emails will be restored to the Deleted Items folder. If you wish to, you can move it to any folder of your choice based on convenience.

Solution 3: Recover permanently deleted emails using SFWare PST Repair Tool (Recommended)

SFWare Outlook Repair tool is a dedicated tool that allows recovery of Outlook emails and other items such as contacts, calendars, appointments, notes, tasks, journals etc.

This tool is useful when the above manual solutions dont work for you. Or when you see 'Trash' instead of 'Deleted Items Folder' in your Outlook account or you don't see 'Recover Deleted Items from Server' as explained in Solution 2.

Using SFWare PST Repair tool, you can recover any number of emails from your Outlook account. You can recover emails using this tool when emails are deleted accidentally/using Shift + Delete/when Outlook has deleted emails automatically. This tool can also be used when emails are deleted or lost due to corruption/damage to the PST file.

The complete original email along with details such as 'To', 'From', 'Subject', 'Body' etc. are recovered. Since, SFWare is designed to work using a read-only mechanism, you can be sure that the emails are in perfect original condition. It basically makes a copy of your PST file and finds and recovers emails from it.

Simple steps to recover deleted emails from Outlook using SFWare PST Repair

Step 1. Download SFWare PST Repair tool using the Download link provided above and complete the installation

Step 2. Close Outlook and launch the SFWare PST Repair software

Step 3. The main screen will provide you with three options

Open PST file: Use when you know the location of the PST file

Find PST file: Use when you are not aware of the location of the PST file

Select Outlook Profile: Use this option to find the PST file for a particular profile (When you have multiple Outlook profiles)

main screen

Step 4. If you select Open PST file, you will be taken to a screen which will allow you to browse the PST file.

Step 5. Once the PST file is selected, click Normal Scan and select a location to save the repaired PST file. Then click the Repair button

select destination path

Step 6. Once the file is repaired, you can preview the PST file along with recovered emails

recover deleted Outlook emails

Step 7. Finally, save the repaired PST in any desired location