Scanpst.exe Download - Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

The Outlook is known to be most secure email manager. Not just the emails it can also help you in managing contacts, making schedules, maintaining a calander. Even with all these features, Outlook can still run into issues now and then. Unlike any other files, outlook holds your personal information which can be essential for daily workflow. If you are facing issues with issues because of the outlook data file, scroll down to know how to repair it.

How to Download Scanpst.exe

Outlook saves your personal information in the form of OST and PST file formats. PST or personal storage table stores your outlook information on your computer. It holds information such as email contacts, schedules, attachments and many more.

As we discussed earlier, outlook frequently runs into issues. Such as “send and receive error” or “outlook pst file not found” or get damaged or corrupt because of virus or malware. Hence, for handling such situations outlook comes with an inbuilt inbox repair tool known as Scanpst.exe.

Most of the users are not aware of it because it is tucked away in the MS Office internal files and folders, which can be a little difficult to access. However, you can locate it if you access to mentioned locations on your computer.

Scanpst.exe Location in Outlook 2007- 2016

Scanpst.exe Location in Outlook 2003

How To Repair PST using Scanpst.exe

After you successfully located the scanpst.exe application, launch the application and follow the mentioned steps on how to repair PST.

This should repair errors in your outlook. However, in a few scenarios, you still won’t be able to repair the errors. That is because scanpst.exe is not capable of repairing all sorts of issues, it has some limitations such as.

Scanpst.exe limitations

If you encounter any such situation you need an advanced PST repair tool to fix it. Failing to repair your pst file as quickly as possible, you might completely damage it. In the next section of the article, you will find out how to repair PST using alternate to a scanpst.exe tool or pst repair tool

How to Repair PST file using PST repair tool

Considering that you were unable to repair your pst file using scanpst, in this section, you will learn how to recover repair a pst file using the PST repair tool. Hence, download the SFWare PST repair tool and install it on your computer.

Check the repaired PST file to confirm the integrity of the data on the pst file. Replace it with original file and start using it

Scanpst.exe alternative (What can be an alternative to Scanpst.exe)

You might be thinking among all the pst repair tools, what makes SFWare preferred. That is because SFWare is not just for repairing a pst you also get benefits such as


In this article, we have discussed issues encountered by outlook application. How can a pst file be affected because of those issues? In such cases, you can download scanpst.exe a Microsofts pst repair tool. However, scanpst.exe has limitations such as it cannot repair higher-level corruption. In such scenarios, you need an efficient pst repair tool. If you feel this article helped you hoe to download scanpst.exe and repair your damaged pst file, share it with people who need help