How to Locate and Download ScanPST.exe for Outlook (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 Other Older Versions)?

Updated on October 20, 2022

If you are looking for ScanPST.exe to fix Outlook related problems and wondering where to find Scan PST and download it? Here is the step by step process to download and use Inbox Repair Tool (Scan PST). If you are facing severe damage or corruption on your personal folder, you can try reliable SFWare PST Repair Tool for free and fix the problem.

Outlook saves your personal information in the form of OST and PST file formats. PST or personal storage table stores your Outlook information on your computer. It holds information such as email contacts, schedules, attachments and many more. Even with all these features, Outlook can still run into issues now and then. Unlike any other files, Outlook holds your personal information which can be essential for daily workflow. If you are facing issues with issues because of the Outlook data file, scroll down to know how to repair it using inbuilt PST repair tool or ScanPST.exe.

As we discussed earlier, Outlook frequently runs into issues. Such as "send and receive error" or "Outlook PST file not found" or get damaged or corrupt because of virus or malware. Hence, for handling such situations Outlook comes with an inbuilt inbox repair tool known as ScanPST.exe.

What is ScanPST.exe?

The ScanPST.exe is an inbuilt utility of MS Outlook to fix problems in personal folders(.PST). The tool helps to fix PST files in many scenarios including corruption, PST file damage, encryption issues and large sized PST files as well.

Most of the users are not aware of it because it is located in the MS Office internal files and folders, which can be a little difficult to access. However, you can locate it if you access to mentioned locations on your computer.

Can I Download ScanPST.exe as a separate tool?

No, you are not able to download scanPST.exe as a standalone tool. This is an inbuilt tool that comes with MS Office. Therefore, if you would like to use it on your computer, you need to download and install full version of Microsoft Office package on your PC. Only then you will be able to download ScanPST.exe to fix any Outlook related issues.

How to Download ScanPST.exe to Repair PST File?

You can easily download ScanPST repair tool only after you locate the Inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) on your computer. If you are wondering where ScanPST is located? Here is the list of MS Office version and location to download the inbox repair tool.

After you download the MS Office, where do you have to go to find it? To find ScanPST.exe on your computer follow the steps:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook program >> Search Task Manager in the Windows search bar >> open this utility.

2 . Click the Processes tab >> locate Microsoft Outlook on this list.

3. Right-click on Microsoft Outlook and click the Open file location option.

The PST folder window appears and the Outlook installation folder is found.

If you already have the MS office installed, here is the SCanPST.exe path based on the Windows version you may be using on your computer.

Where is ScanPST.exe Located on Windows?

You can easily download ScanPST repair tool only after you locate the Inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) on your computer. If you are wondering where ScanPST is located? Here is the list of MS Office version and location to download the inbox repair tool.

The location of scanPST.exe depends on your version of Outlook and whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. To locate ScanPST file, you can just copy and paste the path and open Inbox Repair Tool.

Here are the ScanPST.exe Location of Outlook 2007- 2019

ScanPST.exe Location in Outlook 2003

How To Repair PST using ScanPST.exe

After you successfully located the scanPST.exe application, launch the application and follow the mentioned steps on how to repair PST.

ScanPST download

This should repair errors in your outlook. However, in a few scenarios, the ScanPST.exe might fail to fix errors completely because of its limitations.

ScanPST.exe limitations

If you ever encounter any of above mentioned issues, you can first try repairing the personal folder using Outlook inbox repair tool. If still problem persists, all you need is a trusted PST Repair Tool to fix any sort of Outlook problems.

SFWare PST Repair Tool with its most streamlined algorithm, helps you fix Outlook errors and issues in just 3 steps. The tool not only fix PST files but also recover deleted, lost and corrupt PST files without altering the original file This is because the SFWare works on Read only mechanism and therefore the integrity of file doesn’t change.

How to Repair PST file using PST repair tool

Considering that you were unable to repair your PST file using scanPST, in this section, you will learn how to recover repair a PST file using the PST repair tool. Hence, download the SFWare PST repair tool and install it on your computer.

Check the repaired PST file to confirm the integrity of the data on the PST file. Replace it with original file and start using it

ScanPST.exe alternative (What can be an alternative to ScanPST.exe)

You might be thinking among all the PST repair tools, what makes SFWare preferred. That is because SFWare is not just for repairing a PST you also get benefits such as


In this article, we have discussed issues encountered by outlook application. How can a PST file be affected because of those issues? In such cases, you can download scanPST.exe a Microsofts PST repair tool. However, scanPST.exe has limitations such as it cannot repair higher-level corruption. In such scenarios, you need an efficient PST repair tool. If you feel this article helped you hoe to download scanPST.exe and repair your damaged PST file, share it with people who need help