How to Remove Duplicates from PST File

A lot of messy things can happen if your Outlook PST file exceeds its size limit. Loss of emails, crashing of Outlook, issues in receiving and sending emails, etc. So, removing duplicates and keeping a tab on its growth becomes one of the important step.

If you find any duplicates in your MS Outlook PST file, then it indicates that email messages are getting copied and residing in it. When this happens, the performance level of Outlook application will be decreased along with consuming extra disk space. If the accumulation of duplicates keeps increasing, then you may end up with a corrupt PST file, which further leads to loss of all your important emails and other attributes.

So being an Outlook user what you should do under such circumstances to remove duplicates? Well, a good method to get rid of email duplication in PST file is to clean up the entire mail box on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you must delete all the mails present in the mail box, but select the ones which you feel as unwanted and then remove them.

Apart from this, there are many other free methods through which unwanted duplicates can be deleted. Some of them are mentioned below:

Method #1: Make sure that you have configured your rules correctly. When your rules are set up properly, there will be no confusion in synchronizing your folders and your emails.

Method #2: Maximize your inbox update frequency. The default time after which your inbox is updated, other than when you actually send or receive emails, is 30 minutes. You can decrease this time by following these instructions:

  • Open your Outlook application and click Send or Receive
  • Click either Define Send or Receive Groups
  • In the Schedule an automatic send/receive every field, set the value to a number that is less than 30

Method #3: Create a rule and transfer all promotional emails into a separate folder. Remember to empty this folder regularly.

Method #4: There is a utility called clean-up that can help you erase duplicates from Outlook. The Clean Up utility can be launched manually by performing these guidelines:

  • Launch Outlook and select the folder than contains the duplicate messages
  • Click Home -> Clean Up
  • Depending on your requirement, select one of the following options:
    • The Clean-up Conversation option cleans up and deletes all duplicate email chains and moves them to the Deleted Items folder
    • The Clean-up Folder option deletes messages from a selected folder
    • The Clean-up Folder and Subfolders option deletes messages from a selected folder and its subfolders

Note: Ensure to empty your Deleted Items folder after you finish cleaning up folders with the Clean Up utility. Also, cross check for any important data and then empty the folder.

Method #5: Check the settings of your anti-virus program. Disable the setting for email protection and then check for duplicate messages. While doing so, also keep checking if your anti-virus program is functioning correctly.

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