How to Fix Error '0xc00d36c4' in AVI Files?

“Let us learn how to fix error '0xc00d36c4' in AVI files using SFWare AVI repair software. The tool can be used to fix AVI files no matter which storage device they are stored on. Whether they are stored on on your systems, USB flash devices or SD card, they can all be accessed and repaired."

Consider a situation where you have some AVI files on your USB drive and you try playing them on your computer. In most cases, you should not have any problems, but sometimes, you may receive error messages and the files may not play as expected.

Here in this guide, we discuss about one such AVI error that reads ‘Can’t play the file. This item’s file format may be unsupported, the file extension may be incorrect, or the file may be corrupted. Error: 0xc00d36c4’.

Reasons for the AVI file error ‘0xc00d36c4’

Let us first begin by understanding the main reasons for the error ‘0xc00d36c4’.

  • Conflicts between USB drivers and Windows OS
  • Corrupt or out-dated drivers
  • Errors due to upgrading your Windows OS
  • Corruption in AVI files

Solutions to resolve AVI file error 0xc00d36c4

Solution 1: Reinstall USB drivers

As discussed above, one of the main reasons for the error is corrupt or out-dated drivers. If this is the case, it can be resolved by reinstalling the drivers using the following steps.

  • Click on Windows + X and select Device Manager from the menu that opens
  • Find the item ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’ and expand the list
  • Right click on the first device in the list and click Uninstall
  • Repeat for all devices and restart your computer

Restarting your computer will automatically reinstall drivers and this should help resolve the issue for you. Now connect the USB device and check if you are able to play the video files. If not, there is probably an issue with your file, in which case, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Using SFWare AVI repair software

The error ‘0xc00d36c4’ error if not resolved by reinstalling drivers is probably due to corruption in the AVI file. Corruption can be a result of various reasons such as bad blocks on the storage device where these video files are stored, due to virus infections or when the USB device is removed during an on-going file transfer. In order to repair these problems, SF Ware’s AVI repair tool can be of great help. It is a specialized tool to repair corrupted, damaged or broken AVI files. It can also be used to repair broken index in AVI files.

How does SFWare work?

Some video repair tools are known to cause harm to your original video files. But with SFWare, you don’t have to worry about that at all because it works in a read only mode. How the software works is first, it separates the audio and video, then issues are debugged and finally, the audio and video is combined to form a healthy file. The advantage of using SFWare is that the software is capable of repairing AVI files irrespective of where it is stored. It can repair files on internal or external hard drives, USB flash drives and SD cards.

Steps to resolve error 0xc00d36c4 using SFWare

Although the software's interface is pretty self-explantory, you can use the steps below as a reference to repair AVI file.

Step 1. First download and install SFWare AVI Repair software on your system

Step 2. Open the downloaded application and click on Browse to select the corrupt AVI file to repair

Step 3. Then click on the blue Repair button you see at the bottom

Step 4. The software repairs the file and notifies you once it’s done

Step 5. Now preview the repaired file and save it to a desired location

Compatibility: SFWare AVI repair software is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.

Precautions to avoid corruption in AVI files

• It is a good idea to format your storage device once in a while to prevent corruption. This is particularly good if you know you are going to store important files on it

• Always make a habit of safely removing any hardware connected to your system. This is a great way to prevent corruption

• If a file is being transferred from a storage device to a computer for instance, make sure the process is complete, before you eject the device

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