Repairing Broken AVI Index

“Recently I copied few AVI files from my friends pen drive. Later when I tried to play those files in VLC player an error message popped up stating that AVI file index is missing or broken, do you want to fix it? It is very important video file for me so any how I need to fix AVI index permanently. Even I don’t have any back up and even my friend have formatted his pen drive. Now I am thinking on how to repair broken AVI index? Please any one out here, help me in repairing broken AVI index. Is there any software tool to fix AVI index permanently? ”

Don’t be panic, just relax make use of SFWare Repair AVI File to fix AVI index permanently within fraction of minutes. SFWare Repair AVI File gives user step by step guidance and is very budget friendly. This tool can be installed in all latest versions of Windows Operating System and Windows Eerver 2003 and 2008. It is well versed to repair corrupt or damaged XVID and DIVX files. This tool comes with Demo version which is absolutely free of cost so that users can check its performance before going for paid version.

Why SFWare Repair AVI File is Unique?

SFWare Repair AVI File Software is very useful as it can easily to permanently fix broken AVI index, repair corrupt or damaged AVI files. It has the ability to mend AVI, XVID, DIVX files which partially play or do not play at all. This AVI repairing tool works on read only mode mechanism thus does not change any original quality of file. In-built fixing algorithm is designed in such a way that totally new healthy AVI file is created with original content. It repairs audio and video file of corrupt AVI file separately side by side and then joins it. SFWare Repair AVI File supports repairing process of AVI files from hard disk, flash drives, SDHC card types, memory cards, USB drives and many more. You can even store fixed AVI files on these drives.

What causes AVI broken index?

  • AVI file Index might be broken or corrupted while downloading AVI video file from unsecure site
  • When you share AVI file over internet there are possibilities for AVI index corruption
  • When moving or copying AVI file is not done properly from one storage device to another, this may cause AVI broken index or AVI file corruption
  • AVI index may corrupt when you try to convert AVI file to some other video file format
  • Due to usage of third party tool to edit AVI file, there may be possibilities that index of AVI file gets corrupted making them unplayable

Procedure to Fix Broken AVI Index:

  • Download free Demo version of SFWare Repair AVI File
  • Launch the software and select the corrupt XVID file
  • Quick scanning and repairing mechanism takes place
  • Click "Preview" option to view the repaired files
  • For storing the repaired AVI files you have to purchase certified version

Tips to avoid AVI file Corruption:

  • Always maintain backup of all important AVI/XVID/DIVX files
  • Avoid downloading from unreliable sites
  • Use secure third party tool to edit AVI files

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