Repairing AVI Files Larger than 2GB

“Hello, Last night I have downloaded a big video file of size larger than 2GB. I got error message when I tried to open it with Windows media player. I could open files less than 2GB. Can someone tell me how to fix AVI video larger than 2GB? Can I be able to repair AVI video larger than 2GB?”

Of course you can enjoy watching files that exceed 2GB by using SFWare Repair AVI File Tool. It is one of the powerful tool for repairing AVI files larger than 2GB. It will also repair .avi video files stored in external storage devices such as memory card, internal hard drive, digital camera and many more.

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file is widely used now-a-days. AVI files can be accessed using Windows Media Player, VLC player and other media players on Windows and on Mac computers. If the media files which you download from internet are in AVI format. There are situations when AVI file may not work due to corruption of files or files may be damaged. In such cases SFware Repair AVI File software is used to fix corrupt/damaged AVI files.

Common scenarios for fixing AVI file larger than 2GB are mentioned below:

  • Compressing Large AVI Files - When you download AVI files of larger size, say larger than 2GB and you are unable to open it. You know that downloading larger AVI file takes a long time so no question arises to download once again from internet. So you try to compress it using different compression tools. If this compressing process is interrupted then the file may get damaged or corrupted.
  • Using Third Party Applications - Corruption of AVI files is also possible if any unreliable third party application is used to open larger AVI files or compress it. Even virus attack can damage/corrupt AVI files.
  • Header File Corruption - If header of AVI file gets corrupted you cannot access AVI files. Header file contains all vital information required to run  AVI files. Header file gets corrupted due to power surge, faulty compression methods, etc.

Why SFWare Repair AVI File software is best for fixing AVI files larger than 2GB?

SFWare Repair AVI File gives you 100% repairing results of corrupt/damaged files larger than 2GB without modifying the original data. Its GUI is user friendly so that both technical and non-technical user can use this product with ease. This software works on all versions of Windows OS. It provides preview option for repaired AVI video file before saving it.

Simple steps to repair AVI files larger than 2GB:

  • Download tryout version of SFWare Repair AVI File software
  • Start the application and select the damaged/corrupt or broken AVI file
  • Immediate analysis and repairing process will proceed
  • Hit on "Preview" option to see the repaired *.avi files
  • To salvage repaired AVI files, then you have to purchase approved version

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