Repair Damaged AVI Video File

AVI is one of the innovative video file format that produces good and high quality visuals. In this file, audio to video synchronization is an important aspect of a multimedia file. While playing, media players rely in it for correct synchronizing the audio and video tracks. And if the synchronization value is improper then the audio plays early or with a delay compared to other which is know as “lip-sync” errors. If this happens obviously it jeopardizes all excitements.

For better understanding let us consider one example like you are watching a movie. In that AVI file, you came to watch one of your favorite songs. Before the lyrics of the songs started, you see the video displaying. This is due to an improper audio to video sync which is an indication of corrupted AVI file. Such issues of AVI video files can be solved with the help of good AVI repair tool. This comprehensive guide helps you to get an idea about the software which helps you to repair damaged AVI video file and rebuild damaged AVI file to play earlier.

Other symptoms of damaged AVI video:

  • AVI video freezes all of a sudden and the audio continues to run
  • AVI file totally stops playing in media player
  • The AVI video file occupies the space but its playtime duration shows as 00:00:00
  • Video has disoriented pixels and the movie play is sticky
  • You cannot forward a portion or rewind the AVI file

How to rebuild damaged AVI file instantly?

Damaged AVI file will be fixed using SFWare Repair AVI File Software. Damaged AVI file repair tool will rebuild corrupt AVI file streams by rebuilding the index part of the video which is missing when the AVI file is downloaded incompletely.

SFWare Repair AVI Tool is a shareware that comes with latest algorithms to repair corrupt damaged AVI video files which are unplayable. One of the beneficial thing about this utility is the free demo version attempts to rebuild the broken AVI file. Then it allows you to preview to see and decide if the repair is fruitful. It is possible to save that rebuilded AVI file only on purchasing its licensed version.

Reasons behind AVI file corruption:

  • Incorrect downloading of AVI video file over the internet
  • AVI header file corruption makes file unplayable
  • Occurrence of errors while downloading AVI file or pausing while downloading AVI files and downloading files over faulty client networks can result in AVI file damage
  • Unexpected power failure or improper system shutdown while accessing the AVI videos
  • Conversion of AVI videos to any other file format using untrusted applications and interruptions during conversion process of AVI files corrupts those files

SFWare Repair AVI File Program also solves the following issues with AVI file:

  • Audiovisual synchronization issues
  • AVI files that freeze whilst playing
  • AVI video files which are severely or partially corrupted
  • AVI files cannot fast-forward or advance through

Important features of SFWare Repair AVI File Toolkit:

  • You can install SFWare Program on different versions of Windows and Mac OS like Mac Mavericks, Windows XP, Mac Yosemite, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Mac Leopard, Mac Mavericks, Windows 2008, Mac Lion, Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard, and Mac Mountain Lion, etc. to rebuild corrupt AVI file
  • Storage capacity of minimum of 1 GB of RAM is needed for the installation of this software and the required hard disk space is 50 MB. This tool supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • SFWare AVI Repair Tool will repair .avi video files stored in digital camera, memory card, system drive, USB drive and other data storage devices with ease
  • Ability to rebuild AVI file that cannot render file created using different camcorder brands like Sony, GoPro, Sanyo, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, Canon, Casio, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, etc.
  • Supports video codecs such as AVC1, MP4V, MJPEG and audio codecs like SOWT, RAW, MP4A to rebuild AVI file

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