Out of Sync Audio Repair in an AVI Files

“I have an AVI file on my PC in which the audio is not in sync with the video and it’s messing up the entire video file. It’s certainly not possible for me to watch the said AVI file and I want to how to repair AVI file audio out of sync problem at the earliest. Is there any good repairing AVI file audio out of sync tool?”

You can definitely fix AVI file audio out of sync. All you require is a professional repairing tool such as SFWare Repair AVI File which will effortlessly and flawlessly help in fixing AVI file audio out of sync issue.

AVI is one of the most commonly used video file across many of the video platforms today. Most of the devices that record videos as of today tend to save the recorded videos with an AVI extension. It’s also the most preferred file extension for videos since AVI files require less space compared to the other video file formats such as MOV, MKV, MP4, XVID and so on. It combines the audio as well as the video format together to produce a video clip. One can also see that AVI is the preferred format on most of the leading video hosting sites like YouTube and for making video calls on Skype, Gtalk and so on. However, one would have surely come across AVI files that are corrupt or show errors while accessing them. AVI files are too sensitive on the same hand, which makes them easily corrupt to various threats acting on it. Out of many different errors exhibited by an AVI file, the audio synchronization error is the most commonly encountered on an AVI file. This usually occurs when the audio is out of sync with the video that is being played. Some common causes for the out of sync error are listed below:

  • Viruses in the system can access the AVI files and corrupt them to a point where the file suffers from sync errors and fail to play
  • By abruptly terminating the AVI files while they’re playing on a media player can sometimes cause them to get damaged too
  • Playing AVI files on media players that do not support the AVI file codec can also lead to AVI file corruption

During any of these situations which cause audio sync errors, you can rely on SFWare Repair AVI File to fix AVI file audio out of sync.

Why is SFWare Repair AVI File Tool is preferred for repairing AVI file audio out of sync?

This application is compatible on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS X. It reads the original file and then creates a new file which is free from all errors thus ensuring you that the original file fed to the software is safe and untouched. It will additionally help you in fixing XVID as well as DIVX files apart from fixing out of sync audio in an AVI file. You can also download the trial version for your system to check out of sync audio repair in an avi files before you make a decision to buy the complete or full version of the same.

Follow these steps to repair AVI Videos whose audio is out of sync:

  • From the main screen, Browse for the corrupt AVI file
  • Wait for the tool to repair the selected AVI file
  • Once repairing process is complete, you can view the repaired AVI file
  • In order to save the fixed AVI file, full version has to be purchased

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