Fix Unplayable AVI Videos on Windows 10

AVI files are used for saving audio and video onto a single file. It is capable of carrying both audio and video in one specific place perfectly and makes them more effectively. On some occasion, when you are downloading AVI file from internet on Windows 10, it fails to get download completely. This happens even in case while you are copying video file from any storage devices to Windows 10 doesn’t get copied in correct format. On such instance, Windows media player will be unable to play such corrupted AVI video files on Windows 10.

How to make AVI file playable on Windows 10?

Again if you need to play such unplayable AVI video on Windows 10 then you have to first fix corrupted AVI file. To repair corrupted AVI file not playing on Windows 10 can be done using convenient AVI repair software that is capable to make corrupted AVI file playable on Windows 10. If you are the one searching for the solution on how to play AVI files on Windows 10, then this page will guide you in all the ways.

Issues with AVI file on Windows 10:

  • Can hear only video but can’t view video while playing AVI files on Windows 10
  • AVI file fails to play in Windows Media Player and throws an error message like: “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player does not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”
  • Able to view video but sound cannot be heard
  • Windows Media Player 10 won’t play any of my .avi files

Tool to Repair AVI Videos not playing on Windows 10:

Unable to play AVI files on Windows 10 can be made into playable mode if you use SFWare Repair AVI Tool. This utility is specially designed for fixing damaged AVI video files on Windows 10. Well, now there is no need to get worried if you favorite AVI file is having any sort of issues as if media player is unable to play video then download SFWare program to repair AVI videos not playing on Windows 10. With the help of its advanced AVI file fixing algorithm, it repairs AVI video file on Windows 10 with ease.

Causes for AVI file Corruption:

  • While converting AVI video files to any other file format using unreliable third party applications makes file to get corrupted. If there is any interruptions during conversion process of AVI file then those files becomes unplayable due to corruption
  • Any faults in AVI file header can cause errors like audio video out of sync or any other errors that leads to AVI video file corruption
  • Occurrence of some errors while downloading AVI video or pausing while downloading AVI videos and downloading files over faulty client networks can damage AVI video files and makes it unplayable
  • Sudden power failure or improper system shutdown while accessing the AVI videos also results in AVI file corruption
  • If you attempt to play AVI files on unsupported media player then AVI files may get corrupted

Important features of SFWare Repair AVI File Program:

  • SFWare Repair AVI File is a reliable software is made up of advanced scanning engine which helps in fixing the corrupted AVI files and makes it playable on Windows 10
  • Powerful engine scan the Windows 10 within few minutes and mend corrupt AVI video file
  • Supports to repair AVI file larger than 2GB size with the help of SFWare Repair AVI File Application
  • You can repair AVI file and play it on different devices such as flash drive, external hard drive, iPods, USB drive, SD card, XD card, MMC, CF card, etc.
  • Repaired AVI file can be easily previewed with the help of its advanced algorithm
  • SFWare repairs and adjoins video and audio data stream side by side
  • Compatible on all the latest version of Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, etc.

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