Repair 'File Not Found' Error in MP4 files

'MP4 file not found' or 'MP4 file not opening' are usual signs of corruption in MP4 files. Learn how you can resolve this problem using SFWare MOV Repair software. This software can also be used to repair corrupted, damaged, unplayable or truncated MP4 files. Download a free trial today!

I converted some videos from MOV to MP4 as I wanted to upload them to my travel blog. It said the conversion was successful, but I am unable to play those MP4 videos on my computer. When I open the MP4 file on Windows Media Player, it is giving me an error ‘File not found’. Is there any way to solve this error and play my MP4 files smoothly?

Yes, we can certainly help you resolve the error with MP4 files using SFWare MOV repair software. Once the file is repaired using this tool, you should be able to play the file smoothly on your computer.

MP4 files are certainly one of the most preferred video formats owing to its small file size, compatibility with all media players and hardware devices etc, but these files are not without its share of problems. Meaning, MP4 files do face some common problems that video files in general face from time to time. Here in this article, we discuss how you can solve the ‘File not found’ error in MP4 files.

Reasons for ‘File not found’ error in MP4 files

If you are facing the ‘File not found’ error when playing MP4 files, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost your file permanently, but it indicates there is some problem playing your video file. The main reasons for this error are

  • Changing file extensions in an improper manner
  • Converting from one file format to another, multiple times
  • Virus/malware infections
  • Interruptions during transfer of files can in result in incompletely written files

Now that we’ve seen the reasons for the error in MP4 files, let us now see how you can repair these files using SFWare MOV Repair software.

About SFWare MOV Repair Software

SFWare MOV Repair is a wonderful tool to repair corrupt or damaged MP4 files. This software can be used to repair all types of corruption like file header damage, file structure damage, audio video out of sync, blurry playback issues and damage caused due to virus attacks.

The real advantage lies in the way SFWare handles corrupt files and repairs them. To elaborate on that, first the software extracts contents of the corrupt file and splits the file into audio and video. Then errors are fixed and a healthy MP4 is generated after combining the audio and video back. Since the software extracts contents from your original file and does not work on the original, you have no reason to worry about your original file being altered / damaged.

Some advanced features of SFWare MOV Repair Software include:

  • Ability to repair damaged, corrupted, truncated and unplayable MP4 videos
  • Works with both MP4 and MOV files
  • This tool can be used to repair MP4 files irrespective of the storage device where it’s stored. Meaning it can repair MP4 files from external or internal hard drives, USB’s, SD cards etc.
  • Supports both Windows and Mac OS’s

Procedure to fix the error ‘File not found’ using SFWare MOV Repair Software

Although you can repair the MP4 file easily by going through instructions in the software, we have provided the steps below for reference. If you are stuck at any point, please feel free to contact our tech support available 24*7.

  • 1. Download SFWare MOV Repair software on your computer
  • 2. Then click on the Healthy file to be used as reference to repair the corrupt MP4 file
  • 3. Once the healthy file is selected, click Corrupt file to select the corrupt MP4 file
  • 4. Click Repair for the software to start repairing your file. Once the file is repaired, have a free preview of the file and save the repaired file to the desired location

Precautions to avoid corruption in MP4 files

  • Have a backup of important files at all times. So in case you lose one copy, you will always have access to another one
  • Use a reliable anti-virus program
  • Do not change file formats and file extensions unless you know what you’re doing

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