How to Fix .mov Files on Windows 10


I am a photographer and I’ve never encountered this unfortunate problem before!

I recently recorded some MOV movies using my camera, and transferred those 4 hour 20 minutes long video files to my Windows 10 system. After transferring those .mov files, I immediately removed them from camera without checking whether the video files are playing fine on Windows 10. To my badness, the files are now in corrupt state. I am feeling most helpless as I don’t posses any backup of MOV files. Is there any program you could suggest to repair MOV files on Windows 10? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.”

You know what video files have number of components that could get corrupt which makes the entire video files inaccessible, with your carelessness!


Your favorite MOV video files may have become damaged or inaccessible on Windows 10 due to any interruptions while transferring videos from camera to Windows system (for above real time scenario). Even the MOV video files get corrupt if their header has been damaged due to virus infections, due to playing video on incompatible players, etc. In addition, if the hard drive of Windows 10 is damaged or if there are any bad sectors present on the drive where the MOV videos are stored, then also video files gets corrupt and becomes unplayable. Similarly, there could be multiple reasons for the corruption of MOV files on Windows 10.

Each time when you double click such MOV files to play, you may end up with error messages, audio-video synchronization issues, or the entire video itself won’t play! Not only this, some time you may even encounter with the situations wherein the video file gets pixilated or only video is playing but not audio or vice versa, etc.

One solution…

SFWare MOV File Repair Software is now Windows 10 compatible, thus allowing users to fix MOV files on Windows 10 when the files got damaged due to varied reasons. The toolkit is helpful in repairing MOV files on Windows 10 without bringing any modifications on the video quality. It extracts the contents from corrupt MOV file, creates a new file and then performs the process of fixing .mov files on Windows 10. Precisely, the program separates out video and audio codecs of a damaged file, analyzes issues associated with them in parallel, fixes those issues and then finally adjoins both the streams to make a healthy playable MOV video file.

More info…

Well the support for repairing MOV video files is already available in SFWare MOV File Repair Application. If you are looking to fix MP4 files, then also you can utilize this toolkit. In addition, the product not only aids in learning how to repair MOV files on windows 10, but also guides to fix video files on other popular Windows OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012. Other useful features of SFWare MOV File Repair Toolkit are as follows...

Easy-to-use Windows MOV Repair Tool

The application processes how to fix .mov files on Windows 10 within few easy and simple clicks, no special skills are demanded!

Different Corruption Issues Support

Repairs MOV and MP4 files damaged due to virus infections, header damage, media player issues, improper changing of file extension, and due to other user mistakes.

Support for Various Devices

The utility is helpful in resolving the corruption issues if you are willing to repair MOV files stored on SD cards, MMC cards, CF, xD, SDHC cards, pen drives, iPods, cameras and camcorders, and other various external storage devices.

Powerful Preview and Repair

Preview option to view repaired MOV file and save the same to any location of your choice!

Free Download

You can download the trial version of the toolkit to first analyze its working and then go for purchasing it once satisfies with the outcome results.

Steps to repair MOV files on Windows 10

  • Download SFWare MOV File Repair Software on Windows 10
  • Then follow simple steps to install the repair tool
  • Run the software and provide healthy working MOV video file and also provide corrupt file which you want it to be fixed
  • Click on "Repair" option to start repairing process
  • Once the process gets done, you can view repaired video by clicking on "Preview" option
  • Save the repaired video by clicking on "Save" option on any desired location

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