Rebuilding Index of an MP4 File

“Hi, I recently played MP4 file in Windows Media Player which was working fine. At one point it suddenly stopped working. I tried playing the same file in two different players but the same problem. Even after trying some tools referred by my friend I was unable to fix my file. Is there any way to repair MP4 index file? How to repair MP4 index? Thank you in advance!”

MP4 file not playable or partially playable on any media player because of MP4 index file corruption. But you can fix damaged or corrupt MP4 files using MOV Repair software. SFWare Repair MOV File is one such reliable tool which helps you in rebuilding index MP4 file without any modification. It has a built-in algorithm that does not modify original video while repairing MP4 file index. Its interactive interface is so simple that both technical and novice users can use it for repairing MP4 file index with utmost comfort. SFWare Repair MOV File does not require any technical experts as it gives step to step guidelines to repair MP4 index.

Complete Guide for Repairing Corrupt MP4 Index:

Download SFWare Repair MOV File software and install it on Windows systems. It provides simple 3 step procedure (Select->Repair-> Save) for fixing MP4 Index that is damaged due to any reason.

  • First, you need to select a healthy MP4 file for reference by using Healthy File button and choose the corrupt MP4 file using Corrupted File option
  • After selecting required MP4 files, click on Repair button
  • It might take 2 to 3 minutes for fixing MP4 file
  • Fixed file can be viewed using "Preview" option
  • At the end, save repaired file using Save button

Some Other Main Features -

  • Supports repairing unplayable MP4, MOV and M4V video file
  • Capable to fix MOV and MP4 files that refuse to play in QuickTime player
  • Repaired MP4 files can be saved on any of the storage drives
  • Helps to repair corrupted MP4 video stored in memory cards, hard drives, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Compatible with all major versions of Windows OS, including Windows 10

SFWare Repair MOV Files software can fix MP4 video files that are corrupted due to faulty camera firmware. It can mend audio video MP4 files that are of larger size. You can also use this software to fix broken MP4 and MOV video file.

General Scenarios that cause MP4 index corruption:

  • Unreliable Tool: If you change the file format from MP4 to other formats or edit any MP4 section using inaccurate tools then this may lead to MP4 Index corruption.
  • Unsupported Media: Playing MP4 files on unsupported media players is another reason for the corruption of MP4 files. This is mostly due to Codec and MP4 index file issue.
  • Improper Transfer: While transferring MP4 or MOV file over the network or to any media device, if the transfer process becomes incomplete or is interrupted by any sort then it will lead to MP4 index file corruption.
  • Other reasons: Other reasons for .mp4 index corruption may be due to Bad sectors on hard disk, system crash, turning off the system while working on any audio or video file and much more

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain regular backup of important file
  • Do not abruptly switch off system while working on any file
  • Install good antivirus to your computer system
  • Avoid using unreliable tool for editing or conversion of file type

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