MP4 File Audio Out of Sync

You are annoyed because the MP4 video has audio synchronization issues, and you’re unable to watch the video peacefully. The audio is lagging behind the video, and this makes the video unfit for watching. Whether it is an MP4 file or any other video file, synchronization is an important aspect. If the synchronization is not correct, then the audio is going to be played early or with a delay, which is commonly known as audio out of sync error.

What Causes Audio Out of Sync Error in MP4 Video?

  • Improper editing of MP4 video
  • Playing MP4 file on an incompatible media player
  • Using unreliable tools to edit MP4 video file
  • CRC errors

So the question now is – How to fix MP4 audio out of sync issue? Don’t worry, the answer is quite simple – with SFWare MOV File Repair tool! This video repair software quickly fixes out of sync audio issue with the MP4 file and makes the file playable again in no time. It is a read-only tool which doesn’t alter the original file throughout the repair process. Thus the original file is left intact.

Easily Repair MP4 Audio Out of Sync Issue –

SFWare MOV File Repair software will fix audio synchronization issue in MP4 file in just a short while. Even video sync problems can be repaired in MP4 file by this tool. Apart from fixing .mp4 video, the application also comes handy to fix MOV videos which are corrupted, broken, or unplayable. The repaired video can be played on any media player.

Steps to Fix MP4 Audio Out of Sync Issue –

  • Download and install SFWare MOV File Repair software on your system
  • Launch the application
  • Click on Healthy File option to select a healthy MP4 file to act as a reference
  • Next click on Corrupted File option to select the .mp4 file to be repaired
  • Click on Repair option to start repair process
  • Once the file is fixed, you can preview the repaired video, and save on any desired location

More about SFWare MOV File Repair tool –

  • Simple user interface which makes the repair process easy
  • Repairs corrupted, damaged, broken, and unplayable MOV and MP4 files
  • Fixes MP4 not playing on VLC, or any other media player
  • Repairs large sized .mov or .mp4 video, video files corrupted due to CRC errors, etc
  • Allows you to preview fixed video file before saving

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