How to Fix VLC Player No Sound Issue?

VLC is the whole ball of wax when it comes to video playback. It offers you a lot of customization choices. Yet, you often come with issues while playing your videos in VLC player. Among several problems raised in VLC, no sound while playing a video file is the most common issue. The video plays fine but, without audio.

The foremost thing you need to do when no sound comes from your video is to check the volume level (unmute if it is muted) and verify the speakers are working properly. If, it is ok then restart your system once.

Still, if no sound error in VLC is not fixed then try below fixes.

Fix 1: Enable Audio

  • In VLC, go to Tools and click on Preferences
  • Switch to Audio tab
  • Check Enable Audio box
  • Hit the Save button
  • Close the Player and play your video again

Fix 2: Change Audio

  • From menu, sleet Audio
  • Choose Audio Device
  • Change it to Independent RTC Headphones or Speakers / Headphones
  • If you are using a Headphones, then opt Independent RTC Headphones

Fix 3: Reset Preferences

  • Open VLC and go to Tools
  • Select Preferences
  • Scroll down and opt Reset Preferences
  • Click OK on emerged pop-up

Fix 4: Enable Sound Devices

  • Launch Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware and Sound
  • Hit the Sound option
  • All audio devices will be listed in the Playback tab
  • Right-click on each Audio Device and choose Enable
  • Apply the changes and click on OK button
  • Restart your computer

Note: In case, you don’t see any audio device, then right-click on the empty space and opt Show Disabled.

Fix 5: Troubleshoot Sound Problems

  • Right-click on the Volume icon located in the taskbar at bottom right-side
  • Choose Troubleshoot sound problems
  • The troubleshooter identifies the problem
  • Select the audio device in, which you are facing problems and proceed

If none of the above fixes helped you then do a final workaround. Play an another video. If VLC plays sound of the video without any issue, then it seems the problem lies with the video file itself; thus, VLC not playing sound. And, you need to repair the video file in order to make VLC play its audio.

But, how to repair the video file, which gives no sound in VLC? Well, the ideal solution is to go for SFWare Repair MOV File software.

A Quick Fix for No Sound in VLC Error:

SFWare Repair MOV File is the ultimate solution for fixing VLC not playing sound issue. With this tool, you can permanently resolve the audio or video issues in your video file by repairing the file contents. The utility copies the affected video into a new container, then separates its audio and video streams, works on them and finally adjoins. Thus, it efficiently fixes an affected video without damaging its original source. It can effectively fix truncated, erroneous, corrupted, damaged, audio out of sync MP4, MOV, M4V video formats. The most important benefit of this program is its proposed to act as an effective repair mechanism, having simple UI. So that even a non-technical user can fix a video file which is having any issue or fails to open. This repair application supports all versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.

So, Here Are the Steps to Fix Video When VLC Playing No Sound in It:

  • Install SFWare Repair MOV File tool on your system
  • launch the application, Browse and select the video having no sound issue
  • Click the Repair button and wait
  • Repaired video will be displayed
  • Preview the file and Save it to a safe location

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