How to Repair QuickTime Error 2048 MP4?

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MP4 files are usually known for their excellent compatibility across all media players and considerably less file size. Although it is a great video file type, you may come across problems occasioanlly while using them. Here, we discuss about an error ‘Error 2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands’ that occurs when you open an MP4 file in QuickTime. What is the reason for this error and how to resolve this? All of these details will be covered in this space.

Error: 2048 usually occurs if QuickTime does not support the codecs used within the MP4 file or if the file is too large. It can also occur when the video file is corrupted. Corruption can occur due to various reasons such as

  • Inappropriate techniques used to compress the file
  • Playing the file using an incompatible media player
  • Bad sectors on the storage area where video files are stored
  • Virus attacks
  • Converting video files from one format to another multiple times

Now that we have understood the reasons for corruption, let us see how to resolve the ‘error: 2048’. First of all download the necessary codecs and check if the MP4 file can be played. In some cases, this should resolve the error. However, if the issue still persists, your file is probably corrupt and needs repair.

Repair corrupt MP4 file using SFWare MOV Repair Tool

SFWare is a great tool to repair corruption in MP4 files. All kinds of corruption such as header issues, damage caused due to inappropriate compression techniques and virus infected MP4 files can be repaired. Not just MP4 files, but the software can also repair MOV files.

The nice thing about the software is that it extracts data (in read only mode) from the original MP4 file and splits into audio and video. Once issues are identified and fixed, audio and video is combined to form a healthy file. Since the software works in this way, your original file is not altered during the process. So you don’t have to worry about the repair tool causing harm to your precious video files.

The software is designed to be compatible with all versions of Mac including High Sierra, Sierra, Yosemite etc. If you are on a Windows machine, you can make use of the Windows version of SFWare.

Steps to resolve error: 2048 in MP4 files using SFWare MOV Repair tool

Step 1. Download and install SFWare MOV Repair software on your Mac system

Step 2. Select the ‘Healthy file’ button to select a good MP4 file. Please note that this file will be used as reference to repair your corrupt MP4 file

Step 3. Next, select ‘Corrupt file’ to select the corrupted MP4 file and click on the big ‘Repair’ button you see at the bottom of the screen

Step 4. The software repairs your file and notifies you once it’s done

Step 5. Have a free preview of the repaired MP4 file and save it to any location on your computer

Precautions to avoid corruption in MP4 files

• Always make sure you use appropriate compression techniques to compress MP4 files

• Use a good antivirus both on your system and on your storage devices to keep virus and malware at bay

• Avoid converting video files from one format to another

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