Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2010 Files

Are you scared of losing important PowerPoint 2010 files due to corruption? Don't be stressed! Now it is possible to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 files in short duration of time. Here is the simple trick using which you can get to know how to fix a corrupt PowerPoint file 2010 because of any reasons. Well, repairing damaged PowerPoint 2010 files becomes an easy task if you use SFWare Repair PowerPoint File Software. This application easily fixes corruption problems in PowerPoint file and allows you to get back all your inaccessible PowerPoint data within a shortest period of time. This program make use of ingenious mechanism in order to ensure that no data loss takes place when you fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file.

Highlighting Features of SFWare Repair PowerPoint File Utility:

  • Provides an option to Search PowerPoint 2010 files: SFWare program to repair corrupt PowerPoint file uses a robust algorithm to find the presentation file which you want to fix and repair PowerPoint 2010 files in your system. You can use this feature to search a particular PowerPoint file, if you forget the exact file path
  • Preview Fixed 2010 PowerPoint files before saving: SFWare Repair PowerPoint Wizard easily fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file and shows preview of repaired file in the presentation before saving it at a user specified location. This technique helps you get a glimpse of the actual repaired results beforehand
  • Has user friendly interface: This program is designed with easy for user to use the repairing tool. Therefore even a person with less technical knowledge can easily fix damaged 2010 PPTX file without facing any sort of difficulty

SFWare PowerPoint Program has an ability to fix PPT, PPS and PPTX files created on any version of Microsoft PowerPoint application. This utility is compatible on all latest versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. You can easily fix PowerPoint 2010 and recover animations, sounds, movies, text, graphics, and hyperlinks etc using this toolkit. You can employ this tool to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 files on FAT16, ExFAT, FAT32 and NTFS formatted hard drives. Also you can repair PPTX files that are damaged, broken or corrupted on different types of hard disks such as SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. This software can also be used to fix corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file that are saved in any portable data storage device like Pen Drive, External Hard Drive, SD Card, MMC card etc.

How does PowerPoint 2010 file gets corrupted?

  • Corruption of PowerPoint 2010 file caused due to error that occurs during Microsoft PowerPoint version upgrade
  • Unwanted changes that takes place in PowerPoint 2010 files corrupts the file leading to inaccessibility state
  • PowerPoint 2010 files that are present in the hdd gets damaged because of OS re-installation
  • Indecent system shutdown while processing a PowerPoint 2010 file can cause severe corruption
  • When you are transferring PowerPoint 2010 files between different storage media then it can cause damage
  • Virus intrusion on hard disk of you system where PowerPoint 2010 files are saved
  • If the header of PowerPoint 2010 document gets damaged then PowerPoint Presentation files cannot be accessed by the OS
  • Presence of bad sectors on hard drive can cause inaccessibility of PowerPoint 2010 files

All these are most common scenarios because of which you end up with corruption of PowerPoint 2010 files. Fortunately, you can easily repair corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file with the help of SFWare Repair PowerPoint Tool as mentioned above in this article.

Easy steps to be followed to repair PowerPoint 2010 file:

  • Download SFWare Repair PowerPoint File Program
  • Launch the application and then choose corrupt PowerPoint 2010 file for repairing
  • Scanning and repairing process starts
  • Click on “Preview” option to view repaired PowerPoint 2010 file
  • If you want to save repaired PowerPoint 2010 file, please look into the licensed version of the tool

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