Fix Not A Valid Photoshop Document Error Using 4 Simple Solutions

Updated on August 20, 2022

Is your Photoshop unable to open PSD files and displays “Photoshop could not open the file because it is not a valid Photoshop document.”? This can be due various reasons. Know what causes the error and methods to troubleshoot the error Not a Valid Photoshop document.

Not A Valid Photoshop Document Error

A user’s comment after facing Not A Valid Photoshop Document Error

I saved my Photoshop file on my pendrive and later when I tried to open it, it says “Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document”. It is really weird as it was working fine the previous day and now it is the only file which is not working among all the other PSD files. I don't even know how the file became invalid. How do I make it valid again? I really want that file back. Can somebody guide me.

What is causing “Not a valid Photoshop document” error?

How Do I Fix A Photoshop Document That Is Not Valid Error?

If you have saved the file with different file type with .PSD extension, you might end up encountering Not a Valid document error. Therefore, try changing the extension to fix the error.

Method 1: Changing File Extension:

At times, when you use a specific PSD file on Windows as well as Mac OS, automatic changes in the file extension happen and leads to not a valid Photoshop document error. This can be fixed quickly by changing the extension manually by yourself. Supported Photoshop extensions that can be manually changed are (.psd, .pdd, .tiff, .png, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg)

Method 2: Fix Not A Valid Photoshop Document Error With Acrobat:

This little trick can fix your invalid Photoshop file very quickly. Follow the steps given below:

This comes in handy when your PSD file is mildly corrupted or has minimal errors. If you are facing major issues such as PSD file corruption due to application crash or any other issues, continue reading the further sections.

Method 3: Rectify Not A Valid Photoshop Document Using GIMP:

GIMP is an open source software that is majorly used to fix corrupted or invalid PSD files. Install, launch GIMP and follow the steps mentioned below to fix your invalid PSD file for free.

With the mentioned resolutions, you can fix invalid PSD files quickly. However, if you fail to fix the invalid PSD file using the above-mentioned workarounds, this can be an indication of severely damaged PSD files for which you will be needing a professional PSD repair tool.

Fix Invalid Photoshop Document Error using PSD Repair Tool

When the free workarounds are not able to fix the PSD file, then your last resort will be using a professional PSD file repair tool that can repair all your severely affected PSD files efficiently. You might ask yourself “which is the best Photoshop file repair tool that can easily repair PSD files and fix not a valid Photoshop document error quickly?”

SFWare’s PSD file repair software is specially developed to fix PSD files that are affected by “not a valid Photoshop document” error. The tool is known for its damage-free read-only algorithm that works on a PSD file without altering or modifying the original PSD file. The 3 Clicks to PSD repair methodology simplifies the complex process of repairing PSD file even for a novice user. Download now to fix and preview your repaired PSD file for free.

How to Fix Not A Valid Photoshop Document Error:

Download, install and launch SFWare PSD File Repair software.

Step 1: Click on Browse and select the PSD file that is facing not a valid Photoshop document error.

image of Photoshop file repair tool which fixes not a valid Photoshop document error

Step 2: After selecting your inaccessible Photoshop file, click on Repair to start fixing your invalid PSD file.

click to rectify not a valid photoshop document error file>

Step 3: Once the repair process is complete, click on the Preview button to evaluate the fixed PSD file’s quality.

preview your file after fixing the not a valid photoshop document error file

Why Use SFWare Repair PSD File Tool?


With the above-mentioned procedure, you can successfully fix “Not A Valid Photoshop Document” error. However, if you still find any difficulties regarding how to rectify the “not a valid Photoshop document” or any hurdles in between the repair progress. Just click on the “24/7 Contact Us” SFWare support centre which is on the bottom left of the page.