How to Fix Unexpected End of File Error in Photoshop?

Updated on July 30, 2020

So the other day I was working on a PSD file along with my team, which was like a project going on from days and all of a sudden my Photoshop crashed, when I restarted Photoshop again and went to open the file, a message came across saying Photoshop unexpected end of file, Is there any way to restore the file or should I redo all my work without compromising?

If it was a file that took weeks to design and now you see a pop-up stating “Photoshop Unexpected end of file”, redoing all this in a short time would not only reduce the quality of work but it can also be very frustrating. Wouldn't it be great if you could fix the Photoshop end of file error and just start working where you left? Read below the article to fix the Photoshop end of file error with simple steps.

Whether you are a novice user or a proficient graphic designer, mistakes while working on Photoshop happen quite frequently. If your mistake affects the Photoshop file severely, you may get error messages like “xxxx.psd end of file” or “Could not complete your request because an unexpected end of files error was encountered”, etc. Know more about the error in the last section of the article

How do I fix unexpected end of file errors in Photoshop?

With the self-descriptive user interface, SFWare PSD File Repair makes PSD file repairing process very clear and easy. The tool fixes PSD file showing the end of file error and turns corrupted PSD file into a readable one with the utmost ease.

Moreover, this SFWare PSD Repair software is built with the repair algorithms that can extract entire data from this corrupt PSD file onto a copy and fix errors without damaging the original file. The tool also Repairs corrupt Photoshop files on CS6 , CS5, CS4,CS3, CS2, and all the other versions of Photoshop.

Easy Steps To Fix PSD End Of File Error

Some Other Common Error messages that can be fixed by SFWare PSD File Repair:

What causes Photoshop’s unexpected end of file error?

Each of the causes for Photoshop unexpected end of file error is explained below:

Interruptions :

Any interruptions while working on Adobe Photoshop might cause a file to be partially saved or erased. If the missing data pertains to important information or properties of the file (metadata) the file might be unusable or corrupted, for example:/p>

1. Switching your PC to sleep mode without saving your file.

2. Unexpected system shutdown while saving the Photoshop file.

Version Incompatibility:

When you are editing or saving a Photoshop file in a different version of the Adobe Photoshop, this causes the end of the file error for a PSD file

For Eg: (Working on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and then opening or saving the file in Adobe Photoshop CC)

Accessing or Saving PST source files in various locations:

TThe most common mistake done by every Photoshop user is while working on a multi-page Photoshop project, do not save the source files or documents on different drives or networks, try to save all the source files in one location by clustering various elements of that PSD file. If you don’t maintain a common folder, then you are likely to encounter Photoshop end of file errors.

Insufficient Storage space:

Whenever you try to save Photoshop files and folders to a hard disk that is low on storage space, the data may not be saved. Cases like these an error message are displayed stating- could not complete your request due to an unexpected end of file error in Photoshop.

Thus, these are a few common scenarios which cause Photoshop unexpected end of file error. Such PSD files can be repaired and made error-free by simple steps. Here you will get an appropriate software called SFWare PSD File repair in order to effectively resolve your problems regarding PSD files.

Why choose SFWare PSD File Repair to fix the Unexpected End of File error in Photoshop?

SFWare Repair PSD File has the ability to fix large sized PSD and PDD files without altering the original image quality of Photoshop image files. You can mark the required data before saving.

If you have any queries on how to repair PSD files, a trouble ticket can be created with the SFWare support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support team can not only assist you in solving Photoshop's unexpected end of file error but also repair any damages in PSD or PDD files.

Few Things to keep in mind while working on Photoshop so that you never encounter errors: