Repair Word document after crash

If you have a Word document corrupted due to application crash or other such reasons, dont worry! SFWare Word Repair tool is an excellent choice to repair such issues and recover all your text, hyperlinks, formatting, OLE objects in original form. Works with all recent versions of Word including Word 2016. Download and try now!

Consider a situation where you are working on a deadline. Just when you are about to finish the Word document, the application crashes suddenly. It’s almost a mini-heart attack right? Yes we can relate and I’m sure many of you reading this article can do too.

Encountering issues with Microsoft Word is not uncommon. But how to resolve issues in the Word file that the crash has caused? Is it really possible? Yes it is, let us dig deeper on this in this article.

Repair Word file

Normally, when Word crashes when you are typing, the data before you last clicked on Save will be saved. Only changes made after the last Save will be lost. But if Word crashes when you are saving a document, chances of corruption are more in which case the file needs to be repaired. And repair of the Word file is possible in 2 ways, one is using the built in repair feature and second is using a professional tool called SFWare Word Repair.

Method 1: Using built in repair feature

The first method involves using the built in repair feature to resolve minor corruption issues. To use the built in repair feature,

  • Open Microsoft Word and select File from the menu bar
  • Click on Open and select the Word file you wish to repair
  • Now click on Open and Repair in the Open drop down menu

Now Microsoft will repair your file in cases where possible. But if the file is severely corrupt, it cannot be repaired by this tool, in which case you may need to use professional Word repair tools like SFWare.

Method 2: Using SFWare Word repair tool

SFWare is a specialized Word repair tool that can be used to repair all kinds of corruption issues with Word documents. That is, it can be used to repair corruption caused by a crash, corruption caused by round tripping, macro virus and so on. Sometimes, there may be situations where you have some recovered Word documents after a data loss situation, but it’s not in the perfect condition. Even in this case, SFWare can be used to repair recovered Word documents.

Both doc and docx files can be repaired using the SFWare Word repair tool. Once the file is repaired, all your original text, formatting, hyperlinks, OLE objects will be recovered in the same form as it was originally. Since the software uses a read only mechanism, there will be no changes made to your original Word document after repair.

Procedure to fix Word documents using SFWare Word Repair software

  • 1. Start by downloading and installing SFWare Word Repair software on your system
  • 2. Double click on the downloaded application and click on the Browse button to select the corrupt Word file to repair
  • 3. Then click on the big blue Repair button you see at the bottom of the screen
  • 4. Wait until the software has finished repairing your Word file and notifies you that the file has been repaired
  • 5. Once you see that the file has been repaired, preview the file and save it in any suitable location

How you can avoid corruption in Word documents?

Microsoft Office applications are usually updated regularly to keep it compatible with the current OS and system features. So, if you have an older version or out-dated version of Word, chances of crashes and corruption are more. Hence, it is always a good idea to have an updated version of Microsoft Word.

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