How to Repair Word File and Recover Text

"Sometimes most of the computer users experience data loss like losing text information in a Word document is on of the worse than anything else!"

Just assume that you have created a MS Word documnets about the goals and tactics related to your task. After some days, you notice that the text from Word file can’t be used. What will you do now? You could not just let your hours of work to go in vain as the text on Word document is so important and you can’t prepare it again! Well, before resigning yourself for losing the Word content, go through these techniques for restoring Word text.

  • Use of Word’s Text Converter

    Click File, and then Open. When the 'Open' dialog box appears, select the Word document. Now, choose ‘Recover Text from Any File’ from the drop-down list and open the document. Chances are there that you may lose formatting and non-text items such as graphics, but you should at least be able to retrieve most of the Word text.

    Note: Word’s Text Converter is applicable only up to Word 2003 format.

  • Try to Export the Word Document

    If you can open the document in Word, try saving the file in an alternate format. Sometimes, using a format such as TXT will often fix the problem and helps in recovering text from the Word.

  • Utilize Open and Repair

    Just select the file in the 'Open' dialog box and choose 'Open and Repair' from the Open drop-down list in the bottom-right corner. Well, there is no guarantee about this method, but it does work on a lot of problematic documents.

Still the Word unable to access the text? Then, it indicates that the document might have been corrupted severely. In order to recover text from corrupt Word document, you need to use reliable tool for text recovery from damaged Word document program like SFWare Repair Word Document.

Salient Features of SFWare Repair Word Document Software

Being designed with Do-it-yourself interface, the application helps in recovering text from corrupt Word document easily without altering it. Apart from text recovery, the toolkit brings back other attributes of a document like graphics, tables, charts, images, header, footers, OLE objects, etc. This program is basically known for repairing Word files which can’t be fixed by Open and Repair method as well as above mentioned methods. Further, it is well suited for fixing document created on MS Word 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Learn How to Repair Word File and Recover Text

  • Download SFWare Repair Word Document Utility on your Windows system and install it
  • Launch the product
  • From the main screen, browse for the Word file from which text has to be retrieved
  • After choosing it, press “Repair” button
  • View the status of repair process with the help of Progress bar
  • Successful repair process results in fixed Word file from which text can be accessed easily
  • View the recovered text by pressing on “Preview” button
  • Now, save this fixed Word document to desired location on system drive or on other external storage devices to access its content

Other Benefits of SFWare Repair Word Document

  • Word files with DOC and DOCX extensions will be easily repaired through this app
  • Helps to retrieve text from Word document and fixing documents damaged due to virus infection, CRC errors and interruptions while transferring a file from one device to another
  • It can be installed on any systems running with Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003

Meanwhile, SFWare Document Repair Wizard will fix several errors. Some of them are something like this…

  • Unable to open Word file due to issues with its contents
  • Word generated errors and will be closed by Windows. Please restart the program
  • Word cannot open the document
  • Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges
  • Cannot read this Word file. It might be corrupt

A Couple of Things to Follow

  • Always create a back-up copy of important document files
  • Please do install genuine antivirus app on your computers
  • Follow proper method to terminate the MS Word application

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