Tutorial to Recover files from Corrupted SD Card

Updated on December 9, 2020

"SFWare corrupted SD card recovery tool is developed with an enhanced data recovery algorithm to perform data recovery on formatted and corrupt SD card. A reliable tool to recover more than 300 + plus file types from any type of memory card avoiding data loss."

When a SD card is corrupted or damaged, you cannot access the files stored in it. There are several reasons for a SD card corruption, but losing access to drive due to corruption could definitely mean data loss. However, data stored in the SD card is still present in the storage device and it requires a SFWare SD Card Recovery Software to access the files stored in it. During a severe case of corruption, you are advised not to use the corrupt SD card until the recovery process is completed using a proficient SD Card Recovery Software.

As per the recommendations made by the data recovery experts, SFWare SD card recovery software is the most reliable corrupted SD card data recovery tool. The success rate of this data recovery tool is considerably more than any other recovery software available to the users. SFWare SD card recovery tool achieved this because of the unique and extensive search algorithm that is embedded with this software.

Following cases are the most common causes of SD card corruption faced by the users. SFWare corrupted SD card recovery tool is programmed with a recovery logic considering the factors and issues associated with SD card corruption.

7 Major Causes of SD card Corruption:

If you ever want an uninterrupted work routine, follow the usage instructions suggested by the SD card or camera manufacturer.

SD memory cards are majorly used in cameras to store photos; SFWare SD Card Recovery Tool is programmed to support image file formats of popular digital cameras. Few of the supported brands are Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Lumix, Nikon, Fujifilm and Kodak. If in case this tool does not support the file type used by your camera to recover photos from corrupted SD card. There is an exclusive feature to add a custom file type to the software, to locate the files in SD card. This allows the tool to recover photos from damaged SD card without any difficulties.

Types of SD card supported by SFWare:

SFWare SD Card Recovery is a powerful tool which supports data recovery on different versions of memory card manufactured by popular brands such as SanDisk, Lexar, Sony, Transcend, PNY, Samsung etc. For better understanding, types of memory cards supported by SFWare damaged SD card recovery tool are listed below

Before proceeding with SFWare corrupted SD card recovery software, there are few short cuts to know whether your SD card is corrupted or damaged.

Now chkdsk command scans SD card to locate the errors and fixes it to recover data from corrupted SD card. If you are still not able to access the files of SD card, then it clearly indicates that it failed to repair SD card due to severe corruptions.

As you have tried and failed to recover files, use the most successful SFWare corrupted SD card data recovery tool to get back your lost files.

Corrupted SD Card Recovery: DIY in 5 Simple Steps

To restore files from corrupted SD card, download and install SFWare SD Card Recovery Tool to safely perform corrupted SD card recovery.

5 Features of SFWare SD card recovery tool:

SFWare SD Card Recovery:

SD cards face abundant wear and tear due to ther usablility in various devices. It makes the drive much exposed to possible corruption or damage compared to other storage devices. Considering these factors users are advised to follow a routine to check health of the drive. To tackle any emergency of data loss SFWare corrupted SD card recovery is built to perform data recovery. Now you know that you can always use SFware SD card recovery tool when the need arises.