Restore Files from LOST.DIR on SD Card

Updated on March 31, 2020

LOST.DIR folder on Android device functions like the Windows Recycle Bin from which you can recover files. Suppose you abruptly ejected SD card during read-write process, the device turned off suddenly while saving files, then LOST.DIR directory will be created. This is done so that the files can be recovered when you boot the device.

However, recovering files from LOST.DIR is not easy because it is a task to find specific files that you want to recover. This is because files present in LOST.DIR are named with random numbers instead of their original file names. So in order to recover files from LOST.DIR folder on SD card, you need an efficient Card Recovery software.

But how do files go missing from LOST.DIR folder on SD card? Let’s see few reasons:

Retrieve LOST.DIR Files on SD Card:

Before the memory could get overwritten by new data, you need to recover the lost files from SD card. And to carry out the recovery process, SFWare SD Card Recovery software comes handy. This tool is built with robust mechanisms to scan and retrieve LOST.DIR files from SD card with ease. It recovers all files like photos, videos, documents, etc., from the SD card.

Steps to Recover LOST.DIR Files from SD Card:

SFWare Card Recovery software also helps to recover data from other types of memory card. When CF card is corrupted and unplayable, XD card has become inaccessible, microSD card has been formatted / corrupted, and so on, the tool quickly recovers files from these cards. Even RAW images deleted or missing from digital cameras can be restored.

The program also recovers lost DNG files from SD card

Retrives files and data from various memory card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, EMTEC, and many others.

Not only LOST.DIR, DNG, the tool also helps you recover AMR files from the memory cards.