What does LOST.DIR Mean| How to Recover Lost Directory files on Android SD Card?

Updated on November 24, 2022

Data loss from an SD card situation could occur anytime while using your Android devices. LOST.DIR is the folder that stores all the unsaved data to the SD card. If you are trying to restore your important files and LOST.DIR is missing from the device, all you should do is download SFWare Data Recovery Software and Recover files from LOST.DIR folder.

What is LOST.DIR folder?

LOST.DIR is the system folder that helps Android OS to recover unsaved files during system bootup. The folder just acts like a Recycle Bin of Windows OS but is only used by the Android OS. It could save images, videos, audio files, documents and many more formats and can help you recover lost or deleted data from SD card.

What happens if LOST.DIR is deleted?

You might have deleted LOST.DIR folder from your device file manager to save your memory space. As already mentioned, the folder acts as a Recycle bin for unsaved or interrupted files. Therefore, make sure you are not missing on any important files saved on the LOST.DIR. Whenever the Android OS says it is Preparing the External SD Card, it indicates that the contents of LOST.DIR are verified.

At times, corrupt files that were unable to open on the external Android SD card also get saved in LOST.DIR folder. Even after you delete the folder, the chances are more likely to see the folder created by OS to save the unsaved files.

If you are unable to locate LOS.DIR in the memory card folder to recover your important files, here are a few reasons why it might be lost.

Reasons for Android OS to create LOST.DIR folder

Here are most common yet simple mistakes led by SD card users that leads OS to create LOST.DIR folder on the device.

When any of the above-mentioned scenario occurs, you might encounter few of your important files go missing from the device that was transferred to SD card. In such situations, LOST.DIR will be created by Android OS to ensure saving of those interrupted files. And helps users to restore the data when they reboot the device.

Can files be restored from LOST.DIR?

Yes, you can recover files from the folder, but it involves a complex process. The files on the LOST.DIR folder is saved under a random numbers. Therefore, it becomes tedious for you to find your important files and give them an extension to make it readable file by the supporting Android SD card.

You can try recovering Lost .DIR files by adding file name extension

As mentioned earlier, it becomes lengthy and tedious process to open each file and give them extension. The easiest method to recover files and folders from SD card is to make use of the trusted SD card recovery tool.

Before you write new data on your device/SD, make sure you recover your important files. SFWare SD card recovery tool is built with the robust searching algorithm to scan and retrieve files from SD card with ease. It recovers all files like photos, videos, documents and even folders like LOST.DIR.

How to Recover Files from LOST.DIR Folder on SD card?

To recover LOST.DIR files, first you need to download and install SFWare SD card recovery tool on your computer. Connect your SD card using a card reader or any other connecting USB device and Launch the tool on your PC and follow the steps.

Steps to Recover LOST.DIR Files from SD Card:

1. From the main screen, select Recover Files. Next, Select Lost Files option from the next screen.

Recover Lost DIR files

2. Select the SD card from the list of drives displayed, and hit Next button

Select the drive where DIR files were saved

3. Select the drive where DIR files were saved -> Next. Now Scanning process is initiated.

4. Once the scan completes, you can view different file types. Select the files type you want to recover.

View your DIR files and preview it

5. Recovered files are displayed in Data View or File Type View. You can preview the recovered files and save them

View your DIR files and preview it

SFWare Card Recovery software also helps to recover data from other types of memory card like CF card, XD card, microSD card and other SD card.

The program also recovers DNG, AMR files and other file formats as well. also, retrieves files and data of various formats from various memory card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, EMTEC, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my SD card say lost dir?

A LOST.Dir is created by Android directory when phone does System Recovery from any of the issues, therefore few of the files can go missing from the software. LOST.Dir keeps a record of corrupt files that were damaged due to errors.

How do I recover lost Dir files on my SD card?

With the help of safe and secure third-party software, you can recover files from LOST.Dir. SFWare SD card recovery is a software than can help you recover files from LOST.Dir folder. With its effective scanning algorithm, the software scans each and every sector of the drive to recover lost files from the drive.