How to Recover Photos from SD Card

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SD cards are widely used storage devices as it can be used across various devices such as mobile phones and cameras. This versatility comes with a cost because, improper usage the memory cards can get it corrupted. Once the SD card is corrupt, it can be difficult to access the photos present in them. However, to recover lost photos from SD card a SD card recovery software has to be used. Further section will briefly explain how to recover lost photos from SD card.

What are the causes of corruption on the SD card?

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How to access photos by fixing the SD card

Before moving to any of the recovery methods from a damaged SD card, Following troubleshooting methods can be tried to fix the SDcard

    1. Connect the SD card to a different computer.

Sometimes computers fail to recognize the SD card, concluding that the SD card has failed is not a good idea. Connecting and using the SD card to a new computer will give us a better idea if the sd card is working or not.

    2. Check for error using the CHKDSK method.

Type "chkdsk" along with drive character, and /f in the command prompt:

    3. Change the drive .

    4. Reinstall the drive.

Is it possible to recover photos from corrupted SD card?

If the SD card is corrupted and the files are inaccessible, it can be recovered. But make sure that nothing is written in the SD card or no changes should be made in the SD card after the corruption. Because if there are any changes made in the SD card, the previous data will be overwritten making the photo recovery process difficult. Then make sure to use a trusted data recovery software to recover the SD card.

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How to recover photos from an SD card.


SD card or memory card is a widely used storage device across many platforms. Due to its applications and usage in various devices, SD card can encounter a lot of errors. After going through the article you will be able to successfully recover photos easily from corrupt SD card.