How to Fix Unsupported SD Card Error?

Updated on December 23, 2022

One of the reasons why SD has become inaccessible could be SD card turning RAW or due to unsupported file system. The article helps you fix unsupported SD card error using few manual methods. If you are looking ways to recover data from SD card with unsupported file system do not worry, click on the download button below and recover data from SD card without any hassle.

SD cards are the most commonly used devices in phones and cameras for extra storage of data. It is distressing when SD card displays File system error when your important files are saved on it. If you are wondering how the good working SD card started reporting an error, here are some of the reasons.

Why does my SD card say unsupported file system format?

Here are a few reasons listed that causes unsupported file system or blank SD card error in SD cards:

Any of the above-mentioned reason could be responsible for unsupported file system error on your SD card.

When you are facing the trouble, first thing you will be asked to do is Format the SD card. Make sure you have a backup data of the SD card as Formatting erases all the data from the drive. Do not proceed to fix the error with formatting unless you have recovered data from the SD card.

SFWare SD card Recovery software with its unique scanning algorithm is specially designed to recover data from SD cards that show errors such as ‘Unsupported file system’ or ‘Blank’. Not only unsupported file system, the tool is used to recover data from RAW drives and supports all file type recovery from SD card. Download the Software now and recover data before it gets late….

How to Recover data from Unsupported SD card without Formatting?

If you already performed formatting on the drive, do not worry! You can still recover data from unsupported file system error.

With SFWare all types of files, from documents to music, videos and photos of several different formats can be recovered. Also, supports all brands of SD cards like SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Lexar, and Kingston etc. In addition, all types of SD cards such as Micro SD, SD, SDHC, XD, CF and MMC are supported.

How to Fix SD Card Unsupported File System Error?

To resolve ‘SD card has unsupported file system’, let us start from the simplest troubleshooting methods.

1. First, restart your device (camera or phone) and check if the error persists.

2. Remove the SD card and re insert-it again to verify if there are any connection issues with respect to the SD card or the device.

If the above simple fixes didn’t help you, try to fix the error using command prompt. Run CHKDSK on the card to fix file system errors.

Fix SD card unsupported file system error using CHKDSK

To run CHKDSK, follow the steps below.

Now reinsert your SD card and check if the error persists. If it does, recover data and format the SD card.

If CHKDSK didn’t help, your SD card is might have been severely corrupt and may need formatting. But before formatting, it is always suggested to recover data from the SD card using SFWare SD card recovery tool The software is specially designed to recover data from SD cards that show errors such as ‘Unsupported file system’ or ‘SD card is Blank’.

How to recover data from SD card that has some unsupported file system?

Download and install SFWare SD Card Recovery software on your computer and Launch the application. The software also helps in recoverying data from the memory cards showing invalid file system error.

Step 1. Select Recover Drive/Partitions in the main screen and then select Recover drive

Recover unsupported files from SD card

Step 2. Choose the SD card drive for the software to scan and recover files from

Select the SD card to recover unsupported files

Step 3. Once the drive is selected, the software scans it and displays a list of all available recoverable files in Data view or file type view.

Select the SD card recoverable files to recover unsupported files

You can preview the files to check for quality by double clicking on them and save the files un your desired location.

Tips to avoid errors in SD cards

  • Always format your SD card in the device you’re going to use it with. Formatting it on one device and using it on another can mess up the file system and lead to corruption.
  • Always use the Safely Remove Hardware to eject the device containing SD card when connected to a computer
  • Turn OFF the camera or phone before you remove the SD card from it

Frequently Asked Question

What does SD card unsupported file system mean?

Unsupported File system means, the existing file system on the SD card drive will not be supported or read by operating system of your computer when connected. The file system could be RAW, corrupt or damaged to display SD card unsupported.

How do I fix an unsupported SD card filesystem?

The best way to fix an unsupported file system is to format the SD card to one of the available file systems such as FAT or NTFS. However, formatting the drive leads to the data loss. Therefore, it is always suggested to have a back up of your data to avoid any further data loss situations.

How do I support an unsupported SD card without formatting?

Initially, you can check if the problem lies in the SD card. To verify it, you can remove and re-insert the SD card or reconnect the SD card reader to verify any connectivity issue. If this don’t work, try command prompt to fix the SD card unsupported Error. Run command prompt as an administrator and type CHKDSK D:/F. this helps you fix if any or error causing bad sectors on the drive.