What to Do When Files Keep Disappearing From SD Card?

Updated on August 9, 2022

Wondering why your data is disappearing from SD card? How to fix the problem when SD card keeps deleting your files by itself? If you are searching for ways to fix files disappearing from SD card, this article provides the easiest solutions to fix and recover deleted data from the SD card without any hassle.

Why does SD card keep deleting files by itself?

It is distressing if your important data is saved on the SD card and SD card keeps deleting files by itself. You might have encountered this situation in various circumstances such as when you re-insert the SD card or after transferring the data to your SD card. SD card corruption is one of the main reasons behind files disappearing from SD card by itself. When the SD card’s file system is severely corrupted or damaged, SD cards cannot be mounted and it requires you to format the SD card to fix the issue.

To prevent files disappearing from the SD card, all you can do is repair the corrupt SD card. But repairing of SD card involves methods to erase data from SD card permanently. In such situation, when files keep deleting itself from SD card, it is always recommended to back up the data as soon as possible.

If you are too sceptical to access the data, try the recovery method first and then repair to fix the SD card errors. Once your data is recovered, you can proceed to fix the issue by repairing the SD card.

1. Stop SD card from deleting files by itself

2. Recover deleted or lost files from SD card

How to Recover data from the SD card that keeps deleting files by itself?

To safely recover data from the SD card, all you need is a professional SD data recovery tool that recovers data from situations like SD card corruption or inaccessible.

SFWare SD card Recovery tool is equipped with powerful scanning algorithms to recover data. The tool works on a read only mechanism, so the original data is safe. The software can perform recovery of all media files such as photos, audio and video etc. It supports more than 300+ wide variety of formats of all media file such as MP3, MP4, RAW, MKV, JPG, PNG etc.

3 Simple Steps to Recover Files Disappeared from SD Card

To recover lost files from SD card that keeps deleting files by itself, Download and install SFWare Card Recovery software on your computer. Connect the SD card to the system, and launch the tool.

1. Choose Recover Files option from the main screen

Select the SD card to recover unmountable files from SD card

2. Select Lost file Recovery option from the next window.

Select the SD card drive to recover unmountable files

3. Select the file types you want to recover and Choose the SD card from the shown list of drives, and hit Next button

View recoverable files in Data or File type View

4. Once scanning is completed, preview the recovered files and save them

How to Fix SD Card Keeps Deleting Issue?

There are various ways to repair the SD card errors. However, simple and effective ways to fix files dissapearing from SD card are:

  1. Run CHKDSK command and fix SD card
  2. Format the SD card

Method 1: Fix issue SD card deleting files using CHKDSK command

  1. Type cmd in the Windows search, Right Click on Command Prompt -> Select Run as Administrator
  2. Now you have to type the command chkdsk C: /r/f – Where c refers to the SD card drive< letter/li>
  3. Then press enter key to execute the command

This will scan issues with files/file structure and stop your SD card from deleting files any further, it also helps in repairing the drive.

Method 2: Format the SD card if files keep disappearing from it

If running chkdsk doesn’t solve your problem that indicates your SD card is severely corrupted and needs format.

  1. Connect SD card to your computer and right-click on the drive
  2. Select Format -> select the file system and press enter
  3. Click OK on the message that displays formatting erases all the data on the disk and finally click on start

If you have not taken backup or recovered data before formatting, no need to worry. With SFWare SD card recovery tool, you can recover formatted SD card data without any hassle.