How to Recover Files from RAW SD Card?

SD card RAW state is a temporary problem as it can be fixed easily. But the problem is data stored on SD card, because it may get erased while fixing your RAW SD card. Starting to get worried? No worries, here we provide you all the possible methods to recover files from RAW SD card and ways to fix your SD card that turned into RAW.

Phase #1: Data Recovery from RAW SD Card

Once your SD card turned RAW, first step is to save all your data from RAW SD card. It is not easy as your card is inaccessible, once it turns RAW. You need data recovery tool to restore all your files from RAW SD card. Thinking, which one to select? Well! SFWare Digital Media Recovery is the best choice when it comes to RAW SD card recovery, as it is built with advanced algorithms and recovers data in few simple steps.

How to Recover Data from RAW SD card using SFWare Digital Media Recovery?

Download SFWare Digital Media Recovery software on your computer. It works on all types of SD card. Once you get .exe file on your system, double click on it for installing. After completion of installation process, launch the tool.

Step 1: Connect your RAW SD card to computer

Step 2: Select Recover Photos option followed by Lost Photo Recovery option

Step 3: Pick SD card and hit Next button

Step 4: Once recovery process gets completed, view recovered files using Preview option

Step 5: Lastly, save your recovered files on any device

It helps to recover files from SD card of all popular brands like SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Kingston, etc. You can use this procedure even when you lose files from memory card due to accidental formatting, corruption, etc.

Phase #2: Fixing RAW SD Card

Once you get back your data using SFWare Digital Media Recovery tool, fix RAW SD card using methods mentioned below to reuse it.

Method 1: Reformatting

SD card turns to RAW when its file system gets corrupted. Hence, you have to reformat it for set up new file system. To do so-

Note- It should be FAT32 for 32GB SD card and for 64GB SD card, pick exFAT.

Method 2: Repair SD card using Command Prompt

Fix RAW SD card by running chkdsk in command prompt. It is free Windows built-in file system repair tool; fixes RAW SD card and allows you to use it.

These methods help you to fix RAW state of your SD card. But, we can’t give 100% guarantee. Because sometimes, you won’t be able to fix your SD card using any of these methods, if corruption level is high. If so, then replace the SD card.