SSD is considered to be one of the fastest devices to store and access large volumes of data. Although, the possibility of data loss is comparatively less than a traditional hard drive, it is also vulnerable to data loss because of SSD failure or corruption. Because it does not have any moving parts to read or write data and uses memory chips to store information, chances of physical failure are also less. Data loss in SSD occurs due to few unavoidable circumstances that fall common to most storage devices. Times like these, make use of a Windows or Mac SSD data recovery software to safely recover deleted or lost files from solid state drive.

SFWare SSD data recovery utility is the most preferred data recovery tool to restore data from any type of SSD brands. This tool can recover data from SSD brands such as Samsung, Western Digital, Transcend, Toshiba etc., With its in-built recovery algorithm, it can extensively search and locate the lost files from SSD even after formatting or corruption. This makes SFWare SSD data recovery tool unique from other recovery tools..

SFWare SSD data recovery tool is programmed with an advanced code to extensively search and locate deleted or lost data from your SSD. It is built to recover 300+ file types associated with Documents, Videos, Audios, Images and other system files.

Features And Scenarios

SFWare data recovery tool:

Use SFWare SSD data recovery in the following data loss scenarios:

System Requirements

5 Easy steps to perform SSD data recovery

To recover deleted or lost files from Windows or Mac SSD, download and install SFWare SSD data recovery software on your PC

Now you have successfully recovered deleted or lost files from Windows or Mac SSD. If you have missed to select any files to recover, you can restart the recovery session by using the open recovery session option.

Main Screen - Fig 1
Select Physical Drive - Fig 2
Recovery Scanning - Fig 3
Preview Recovered Files - Fig 4

Why SFWare SSD data recovery tool?

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