Know How to Fix USB drive cannot be formatted on Windows 11/10

Posted on August 27, 2022

Unable to Format the USB drive on your Windows? Wondering why flash drives could not be formatted? Do not worry, this article helps you understand what caused the error and effective methods to fix the error can’t format the USB drive. If you are looking for ways to recover data from a USB drive, the best plausible way is to hit the download button without any further delay and recover your USB data within minutes.

Why Can’t I Format USB Or A Flash Drive?

When the error Can't Format USB is displayed on Windows, this problem could be caused due to several factors.

If you are wondering how to fix the error, cannot format the USB drive, follow the methods described in the next session and check if you are able to fix the error.

How to Fix Windows Unable to Complete the Format Error?

Here are a few basic workarounds that help you fix the error: unable to format the USB drive on Windows.

Verify if you are still encountering the error Windows was unable to format the USB drive. If the computer still displays the error, you might want to try the following methods to format the USB drive.

Note: Below mentioned methods not only help you fix the error but also formats the drive. If you have any important files or documents saved on the USB, it might be permanently lost. It is always rewarding if you keep the backup of your important files and data. What if you have no backup? We got you covered.

SFWare USB data recovery software is an effective data recovery tool that helps you recover data from unreadable or corrupt USB. However, if format is your utmost concern, the software is capable of recovering data from the formatted USB as well. Therefore, your important files are safe with SFWare, be it before or after formatting the USB drive.

Method 1: Format the USB using CMD

Command prompt is an inbuilt command line interpreter Windows that helps you perform functions using precise commands. You need to be extra careful while performing commands on command prompt. Follow the steps carefully and try formatting the USB drive.

Verify if you are able to format the USB and if the error still exists, try the next methods available.

Method 2: Fix bad sectors on the flash drive to format the USB using CHKDSK

CHKDSK is a command used by command prompt [Windows built-in utility] to fix logical issues on Windows. If the error is caused due to bad sectors on the drive, this method will help you fix the issue.

Replace J with the drive letter of your flash drive and verify if your problem of Windows being unable to format the USB is resolved or not.

Method 3: Format the USB using In Windows Disk Management

Disk Management is a built-in utility in Windows that allows users to manage disks and partitions connected to their computer. You can try to format the USB using the steps given below. Once you complete the process check if Windows is displaying unable to format the USB error.

Now, check if the can't format USB issue is fixed or not on Windows System.

With all the above-mentioned methods, you will surely be able to fix Windows unable to format the USB error. Once the error is fixed and you would like to recover your precious data from the formatted USB drive, you can always rely on SFWare data recovery software.