How to Recover Data from Formatted USB?

Posted on August 19, 2022

Did you accidentally format your USB drive without taking backup? Wondering how to recover files from formatted USB drives? Do not worry! with the help of this article, you will be able to recover your files from flash drive even after formatting. With the help of USB flash drive recovery software, you can be sure of recovering your files from a USB drive that is formatted.

USB drives are a widely used storage device due to it’s easy and effortless storing ability. You can carry your important files and data anywhere using USB flash drives or USB sticks. What happens if you wipe off data from USB drives? Is it possible to recover data from formatted USB? Well, follow the writeup to know how data can be recovered from formatted flash drives

What are the causes to format the USB drive?

There are a number of reasons for you to format the USB drive. Few of the common reasons are listed below.

The above-mentioned scenarios lead you to format the drive. If you are wondering if it is possible to recover data from a formatted flash drive, here is the answer..

Can I Recover Data from A Formatted Flash Drive?

Yes, you can recover your files from the formatted USB flash drives. However, the recovery of data depends on the format you performed on your USB drive. Formatting can be performed using two formatting options: Quick Format and Complete Format

Quick or Fast formatting deletes the data and rebuilds the file system for further use. The data formatted using quick format will not be deleted from the drive. Therefore, you can recover data from quick format without any hassle.

Complete or Full Format clears every bit of data from the USB drive. Full format not only formats the drive but also rebuilds the file system, volume label, cluster size and also scans the drive for logical errors. Therefore, recovering data from the full formatted USB drive will be difficult.

How to Recover Files from Formatted USB Flash Drives?

If you have a habit of keeping backup of the data, you will be able to make use of backup in restoring formatted data from the USB drive. If you have no back up, you still recover your important files using 2 Ways.

1. Recover formatted USB drive using a USB data recovery software

2. Recover files from formatted USB using CHKDSK

There are various data recovery software available, but SFWare data recovery software with its robust search algorithm and simple UI, you will be able to recover formatted files from USB in just 3 steps.

Steps to Recover Files from Formatted Drive with SFWare for both Windows and Mac users

Download and install the SFWare USB Data Recovery Software and follow the below steps to recover formatted SD Card:

Step 1: Launch the application, Select Recover Drive/Partition from the main screen Drive/Partition recovery >> Formatted Recovery options

Select Drive/Partition Recovery

Step 2: Next screen list of drives/partitions are displayed. Select the appropriate drive to recover files from formatted USB and click on Next option

Select Drive to recover data formatted drive

Step 3: Scanning process initializes. Once the scanning process is completed, you will see a list of recoverable files on the right side of the window.

Recovered formatted USB Files View

Select the files you want to recover, and click on Next button. Provide the preferred location to save your recovered files from the USB drive. Make sure you do not give the same location to save your recovered files.

The tool can be used for multipurpose and can recover more than 300 different file formats including all popular image, audio, video, and document files.

Recover formatted data from USB using CHKDSK (Windows only)

CHKDSK is a command used in the Command Prompt interpreter. CHKDSK is used to clear the logical errors present in the drive as well. Windows users can try to recover a USB drive using this command line.

Note: This method helps to recover data from damaged sectors or formatted from quick format on the drive and might not be very helpful for complete formatted drives.


It is always suggested to use quick format to format the USB drives and keep the backup of your important files to avoid any data loss situations. If you ever encounter any data loss scenario, do not worry, you can always rely on SFWare data recovery software.