Recover Deleted/Formatted, Corrupt Data from Transcend USB Flash Drive

Updated on September 14,2022

Transcend is the most commonly used USB drive to store your files and data like photos, videos and many more. Data loss is inevitable in any of the electronic devices, if you have lost data due to deletion, formatting or due to any other reasons, you are on the right page. The article gives you all the answers you need. Tried recovering using other methods and not successful? Without any second thought you can recover files from transcend flash drive using a best USB recovery tool.

Transcend is one of the most used USB Pen drives due to its compact, portable and reliable storage capacity. Although Transcend pen drives are widely used, most of the times user might end up losing files from the USB drive. Be it external hard drives, USB flash drives, Pendrive, Data loss is inevitable. What could be the reasons behind data loss from the USB drive?

Common causes for data loss from Transcend USB drives

Here are a few reasons that would lead to data loss from transcend drives.

Note: As Transcend is an external storage device, deleted files from USB flash drive are deleted permanently instead of going to the recycle bin. Therefore, you cannot make use of Recycle Bin for recovery of deleted data.

When you release data is lost from the Transcend drives, it is highly recommended not to use the drive until Transcend data recovery is performed to avoid over writing of data.

Is it possible to recover data from Transcend USB drive?

Yes, you can recover data from any USB drives including Transcend, HP, Samsung, SanDisk etc unless you have not overwritten the existing data on it. When you deleted data from the drive only the pointer that holds the location is deleted and actual data will still be present on it. If a new data is being written on the USB, it may overwrite the existing one and data recovery becomes impossible.

In such scenarios, all you need is a safe and trusted USB Data recovery tool to recover deleted, lost data from Transcend USB drive.

How to Recover Files from USB Drive without using a Software?

You can make use of File History to restore files from Transcend USB drive. But, before you try this method, make sure you have enabled File History to automatically back up files.

If you haven't enabled this feature, below mentioned steps won’t be helpful.

Step 1. Right-click on the folder on USB drive >> click on Properties

Step 2. Click on the tab Previous Versions. You will be displayed the previous versions saved from the File History or restore points.

Step 3. A list of back up versions of the file will be displayed. Select the recent one before data loss and click on Restore button to retrieve Transcend USB files.

with the help of the above mentioned methods, you should be able to recover deleted files from USB. What if your USB drive is corrupted and hence you were unable to access data stored on them or Formatted the drive to get rid of corruption?

With SFWare USB Data Recovery Tool, you can recover deleted, formatted or lost data without any hassle. The tool also helps to retrieve healthy data from corrupted and a USB that turned RAW as well. you can recover data from all Transcend USB drives including Transcend flash drives such as Jet Flash 760, Jet Flash 600, Jet Flash 300 etc. Download the Software now and perform the hassle free Transcend USB data recovery.

Recover Deleted/Lost Transcend USB Data with SFWare

Download and install SFWare USB data recovery software. Connect your USB drive to your computer and follow the given steps:

Steps to recover to recover deleted or lost files from Transcend USB drive.

Steps to Recover data from the Corrupt/Formatted Transcend USB drive

After recovering data from the corrupt USB drive, you can go ahead and try some methods to fix the corruption on USB drives.

Then follow the steps to preview and save the recovered files from corrupt USB drive.

Tips Avoid Data Loss from USB

Take regular back up of files and enable the File history for the automatic back up of files to avoid data loss situations.

Safely remove your USB from the connecting device. Make sure your remove Flash drive using Eject USB option.

Always scan the drive for virus. Make use of the trusted Anti-virus software to keep your USB safe from virus.

Frequently asked questions

How do you fix a Transcend flash drive?

Yes, it is possible to fix a corrupted Transcend USB flash drive. You can make use of Command Prompt or Windows Terminal as administrator and fix corrupt USB drive.

How to recover files from Transcend USB when it is not recognized?

To recover files from unrecognized transcend USB, you need to fix the problem and make USB to show up on your PC. There are various approaches used to fix the problem unrecognised USB on Windows and Mac. When the problem is fixed, you will be able to recover files from USB.

How do I recover files from a Transcend flash drive?

You can recover files from Transcend USB using File History. However, if you want to try this method, you should be enabled File History to automatically back up files. If you have no back up files, you can recover using SFWare data recovery software.