Whether it is a video from a recent vacation or a DIY video you created for YouTube, losing any kind of video is heart breaking. In many cases, this may be the only copy you had and obtaining another one may be impossible.

This is where video recovery comes in extremely handy. A good video recovery tool like SFWare is capable of recovering your lost videos in only a few minutes.

Recover your videos securely using SFWare Video Recovery tool

SFWare video recovery provides a great way to recover videos of any format regardless of the reason for data loss. Whether it is accidental deletion or loss due to formatting the memory card, SFWare is your go-to choice.

It is designed to work with multiple kinds of storage devices and recover videos from them. Meaning, it can recover videos from memory cards, internal & external hard drives, USB flash drives, iPods and more. And when we say memory cards, all types like SD, micro SD, CF, XD, memory stick etc. are supported.

All formats of video files like MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, etc. can be recovered using this tool. In addition to video files, it also allows recovery of photos and audio files.

How is video recovery performed by SFWare?

Whenever a video is deleted or lost, only the addresses pointing to these videos are deleted. But the video file still resides in the storage device. What SFWare does is it scans every nook and corner of the memory card (or any storage device) and recovers videos.

But remember recovery is possible ONLY when you act immediately. If you shoot new videos or photos on the memory card after a data loss incident, it can overwrite the old files. This makes recovery impossible.


SFWare video recovery tool can used in all situations explained below.

System Requirements

How to perform video recovery?

1. Download SFWare video recovery tool on your computer and install it. Launch the software to begin the video recovery process.

2. Next, select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos depending on the data loss scenario you are experiencing

3. Choose the drive from which you want to recover videos and click Next

4. Now, all the files found by SFWare will be listed. If you want to view these files according to file types, select File Type View. Else, for a regular folder type view, select Data Type View

5. Double click on the required file to enjoy a free preview

6. Finally, select the file/s and save them to a preferred location

Tips & Tricks to avoid loss of videos

Follow standard procedure to disconnect memory card from the system. Eject it safely ONLY after data is completely transferred. NEVER interrupt a data transfer process.

Second Screen with Two Main options
Select Appropriate Drive and click on 'Next'
Scanning and Recovery Process starts
'Preview' Recovered Media Files

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