Recovering Deleted 3GP Files on Windows

Updated on December 8, 2020

Searching for video recovery tool after deleting 3GP videos? You are at the right place then!!

Technology has bought a number of video file formats ranging from the basic home video era up to today’s most cutting edge standards, and 3GP is one of them. Like other file formats, 3GP videos are also prone for deletion, and here we are going to look at the most incredible software that every victim should go with to recover deleted 3GP files.

Overview of deleted 3GP video files recovery software

Digital videos may get accidentally deleted or may get deleted due to virus infections. In such circumstances, previously backed up data might be useful for recovering deleted 3GP files. If no backup, then there arises a need for video recovery tool.

SFWare Video Recovery Software is the most proficient utility which has been designed to specially accomplish the task of restoring deleted 3GP files on Windows.

The video recovery tool is the perfect solution to recover any deleted audio or video files and retrieve deleted 3GP files from hard drives and portable devices including pen drives, iPods, memory cards, etc.

What makes you to choose SFWare Video Recovery Application?

Actually the fact is, there are so many tools available online which claim to be the right solution but realty is just opposite. Hence, while selecting the tool to restore videos you should keep attention on the software’s effectiveness and performance.

SFWare Video Recovery allows you to use its trial version for the proper evaluation. You can use the software's trial version for the proper evaluation. This free version of the application restores all lost or deleted video files from computer in successful manner. When you are satisfied with the recovery results, then only you can activate the actual version of the toolkit and save the recovered files.

Avoid common mistakes to prevent deletion of video files

One silly mistake is enough to erase all the memorable and exciting moments of past. While the issue of 3GP video deletion has solution, it would be better not to confront it by taking some measures. Hence, you are advised to take care of the following points mentioned below if you don’t want to get trapped in a horrible situation called deletion of your important videos!

Note: Avoid using the storage device on where the videos are stored until recovering deleted 3GP files on Windows is not carried out, to prevent overwriting.

Benefits of using SFWare Video Recovery Software

Besides these, there are some other attributes of SFWare Video Recovery Utility. It helps to restore different video file types like MPG, MP4, 3G2, M4V, AEPX, ALE, AVP, RM, MOV, MPEG, along with 3GP. Also, supports recovery of video files from flip cameras. Not only this, the program is capable of retrieving video files lost due to various reasons. Last but not the least; it is one of the appropriate tools to get back all types of media files including audios, pictures, RAW images, etc.

Follow these Easy-to-Use steps to recover deleted 3GP files

That’s all; as it is already mentioned in this page, demo version provides with the preview of the retrieved videos. You have to avail licensed version in order to save those recovered videos on your desired place.