How to Recover Deleted MOV Files

Updated on December 8, 2020

"Accidentally deleted the file from the system and looking out for a solution? Here is the tool that helps you recover deleted or lost file from any storage media and supports almost 300+ file types recovery"

MOV is a widely used video format, developed by Apple to support QuickTime movie player and is often used for saving movies or other video files. Many of the movies and videos that are available online are distributed in .mov format. This article provides a quick insight on how to recover deleted MOV files. Before heading on to perform MOV file recovery, let us see some of the most common scenarios that result in deletion or loss of MOV file.

Common scenarios that leads to the Deletion of MOV file

  1. Accidental deleting a file when trying to delete a bulk data from the storage.
  2. Removal of SD card while still it’s being used.
  3. Accessing same SD card on various storage devices.
  4. Shooting a video when battery level is critically low.
  5. Accidental formatting of internal or external drives.
  6. Ejecting memory card without switching off your camera

Important Points to be noted before you perform MOV file recovery

When you delete a file from your computer, the file is not completely erased. Instead the storage space where the file resides will be marked as ready to be overwritten. Hence it is strictly recommended to follow the below mentioned guidelines before you perform MOV file recovery:

Follow the DIY methods to recover lost/deleted MOV files. Read the steps carefully and perform them.

DIY methods to recover deleted or lost MOV files

Although you have manual methods to restore MOV video files but the chances of recovering MOV files is very less as they are not capable of handling complicated data loss situation. Hence making use of a professional MOV video recovery tool is the safest method to restore deleted MOV files. However, before you perform MOV file recovery using a video recovery tool, here are some ways to restore lost MOV videos using free manual methods:

Method 1: Recover MOV files from Recycle bin

If an MOV file is accidentally deleted from the system, it is always being found in the Recycle Bin. Recycle bin is a folder where deleted files are temporarily stored.

Method 2: Recover MOV file from backup

Taking regular backup of the data is always rewarding practice especially when you have accidentally deleted or lost important data. If you have a backup of the files in external storage media or cloud, deleted or lost MOV files can easily be recovered. Not only MOV, you can also perform MP4 file recovery . Mac users can recover deleted or lost MOV files from the Time Machine backup.

What if you have permanently deleted(Shift+Delete) MOV files or you don’t have a backup of data? Is it possible to recover permanently deleted MOV files? If you are overloaded with these thoughts, an obvious answer is, yes!! With the help of a trusted MOV recover tool, recovering deleted MOV files is easy.

SFWare Video Recovery Software is an automated tool with user friendly interface and programmed with advanced data recovery algorithms that efficiently recover MOV files. It helps in restoring data of more than 300 file types and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh OS.

How to Recover deleted/lost MOV files with SFWare Video Recovery Software

Note: if you are to trying to recover MOV files from an external storage medium, make sure you connect to the device to the computer where the software is installed and perform the steps.

Download and Install the SFWare Video Recovery software in the system. Launch the application.

Benefits of SFWare Recovery Software

Precautions to Avoid Data Loss


This article answers all probable queries on How to recover Deleted MOV files and the above-mentioned solutions will certainly help you recover lost or deleted MOV video files. At first try out the manual methods to restore the deleted MOV files, if free methods fail to yield the desired results you can make use of SFWare Deleted Video File Recovery Software that assures complete recovery of MOV files without compromising on quality.