How to Recover Deleted Videos from Your Computer?

Updated on July 9, 2021

If you’re looking how to restore deleted or lost videos from computer, this article has everything you are looking for. If you have already tried to restore using Recycle Bin or backup or if you have permanently deleted videos, it is the best recommended to use SFWare Video Recovery tool.

You might be regretting for your actions now for deleting some of your important videos from your PC accidentally. It gets terrible when you used Shift + Delete as it permanently deleted files from PC. Sometimes, virus on your computer, software/hardware glitch and abrupt shutting down of your computer would also makes videos get lost.

If you are wondering ways out to restore lost or deleted videos from PC, here are some of the ways you could try to restore your videos on PC.

Restore your Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is the first place to be checked when you delete your files from computer. Recycle Bin is the feature from Windows that hold files deleted from computer for certain time-period.

If you have accidental deleted your video files, go to Recycle Bin placed on the desktop, find the deleted videos > Right-Click on the videos > Restore.

Once you click on the restore option, you will be able to locate the videos from where it was stored earlier.

Note: You can only recover deleted videos from Recycle bin if it’s not permanently deleted from the computer.

If the files are permanently deleted or lost due to other reasons, you can try next method.

Recover deleted or lost videos from computer using Backup

When you lose your videos unexpectedly, you can try recovering from back up taken.

Note: This process helps you recover lost videos only if you have taken backup earlier. If you have not taken back up, all you need is a trusted and safe Video Recovery Tool.

1. Go to Setting > Update & Security > Select Backup > tap on Backup & Restore tab.

2. Now click on Browse for the files and select the videos you wish to restore on your computer.

If you aren’t aware of file location, you can click on search and locate the lost videos.

As mentioned earlier, you would be able to make use of backup only if it is created earlier. If not, the above method won’t work to recover deleted videos. In such situations, all you need is a Video recovery tool that restores lost, deleted videos on your computer without causing any damage to the actual data. you can recover videos deleted or missing from both Windows and Mac computers.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost videos on Computer?

To recover deleted/ missing videos from PC, all you have to do is Download the Software and install on your computer. Launch the application and perform few clicks.

With SFWare Video Recovery tool, you can recover videos of any video file formats. Various formats of video files such as MP4, AVI, MOV can also be recovered.

It can be used to recover videos from all kind of storage devices, whether it’s your external hard drives, USB’s, memory cards. Also, helps in recovering erased CCTV footages efficiently without any hassle.


Data loss from computer is inevitable. It is always recommended to take backup of data to keep it safe from unexpected data loss situation. If you happened to lose your data, be it videos, documents, files, photos, with SFWare, you no need to worry about data loss.