How to Recover Deleted or Lost CCTV Footages?

Updated on January 13, 2023

Losing CCTV footages can be stressful at some crucial moments. In such situation, recovering the CCTV footage from DVR device or hard drive becomes priority. If you are looking for ways to recover deleted or lost CCTV recording, this article helps you with everything you need. Formatted your drive and lost CCTV footages? Do not worry! Download the SFWare Photo Recovery tool and recover deleted/lost or formatted CCTV recording without any hassle.

We all know the importance of CCTC footages, tampering or erasing the footage would cost us. Lets us know what could be the common reasons to lose the CCTV footages from the drive.

How CCTV footages get Erased or Lost from drive?

There are various reasons that lead to CCTV recording go missing. Few common reasons are listed below-

1. The old footage is happened to get overwritten with new recordings after a month by default. Therefore, it is suggested to keep back up of the footage if it is important.

2. CCTV storage capacity could be another reason for deleted of old data.

3. Failure of DVR device can lead to data loss (DVR: A digital video recorder that helps in converting signals (analog) to viewable (digital) format).

4. Corrupt or damaged SD card used to record the CCTV footages

5. Accidental deletion of recording from the drive could be another reason that leads to data loss

How to Recover CCTV Footages or DVR Recording?

When important CCTV or DVR videos have been deleted accidentally, or erased, you can try restoring the videos from backup.

Recover Deleted CCTV footages from Backup

To recover deleted CCTV recording from backup all you must do is:

What if you don’t have the backup video? How would you recover deleted photos or videos? Don’t worry, you still have a chance to recover deleted or erased CCTV and DVR videos with the help of SFWare Data Recovey software. The videos captured will be saved in the memory card drive. Therefore, the erased or deleted videos can be recovered easily with the help of SFWare Video Recoverly software.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost CCTC Recordings?

Download SFWare data recovery software on your system connect the storage device (DVR memory cards) from where you lost your CCTV footages and install it. Launch the application.

Note: Recover Photos option is designed in a way that it has an ability to recover videos and audios deleted from the drives.

SFWare Data Recovery tool helps to get back deleted or lost photos, videos, and music files from various storage mediums.

Not only CCTV or DVR files, but also helps in restoring deleted or lost drone video files from the camcorders.

It recovers media files from hard drive, memory card, external USB drive, and other storage devices.

You can also recover photos from camera with the help of SFWare data recovery software

How to Fix the Drive and Recover CCTV Footage?

You can fix the SD card drive where CCTV recording were saved and recover the recording from it.


With the help of above-mentioned methods, you can recover deleted CCTV footage without any trouble. If you fail to recover the recordings using backup, you can always rely on SFWare Data Recovery tool to recover CCTV/DVR recordings. Be it deleted, lost or formatted, you can restore files in jiffy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retrieve deleted DVR recordings?

Yes, with the help of professional data recovery software, you can recover DVR internal hard drive data. All you need to do is, simply remove the DVR internal disk and connect it to your computer where data recovery software is downloaded.

Is CCTV footage automatically deleted?

No, CCTV footages are not automatically deleted unless you have set a time of 15 days or 30 days to delete the footage. However, even when CCTV footages are deleted from the drive, with the help of professional data recovery software, you can restore the CCTV footage from any drive including DVR recording.

Can I get CCTV footage from 1 year ago?

When CCTV footages are erased automatically, the new data will be written on the drive. Therefore, the deleted or erased data will be replaced by the new data and thus data from the drive will not longer be available.