How to recover lost or deleted MP4 file?

Updated on December 7, 2020

MP4 is a video container format that contains audio, video and subtitle data under the extension '.mp4'. MP4 videos are used across various platforms because of its high-quality video with low file size. This MP4 file could be lost or delete in the computer for many reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting the drive, etc. It can be very frustrating when an important MP4 video is missing.

However,you can still recover deleted MOV or MP4 videos from Recycle Bin. What if the deleted files have bypassed Recycle Bin? Is it possible to perform MP4 file recovery? Yes, you can recover lost MP4 videos with the help of a professional video recovery tool. Before knowing how to recover lost MP4 files let us see some of the common scenarios that lead to loss of MP4 videos.

Common scenarios that leads to loss of MP4 Files.

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With the help of the tool you can easily perform recovery of GoPro video files.

How to recover deleted MP4 files from Recycle Bin

All the files that are deleted will not be deleted permanently but instead, they will be moved to the Recycle Bin. This Recycle Bin contains the information of the file that has been deleted in the computer. Therefore it is possible to restore the files back to its original location. Here are simple steps to recover MP4 Files from Recycle Bin.

Can we recover permanently deleted MP4 file?

Yes, because the files are not completely erased from the storage drive. If the MP4 Video files are deleted using shift+delete or emptied from Recycle Bin, data will continue to exist until the computer rewrites it with new data. Hence, to increase the chances of recovering deleted audio or video file, it is recommended to stop using the computer or storage device after losing important video files.

Hence, it is necessary to make use of a specialized video recovery software that can locate and recover the lost MP4 File. If you want to recover unsaved gimp files, click on the link given and recover the gimp files easily. Go through the below steps to recover permanently deleted the MP4 File.

Steps to recover lost or permanently deleted MP4 files.


MP4 Files can be lost anytime either due to hard drive related issues or a software related issue in the storage drive. Here are few suggestions to avoid MP4 video loss

By following the above steps you will be able to avoid any video loss in the future.