How To Recover Deleted Videos From SD Card?

Updated on January 05, 2023

Usually media files, be it videos or photos are stored in SD cards for convenience and better safety of media files. What if you happened to delete your memorable videos from your SD card accidentally? Just download the SFWare Video recovery tool to recover deleted videos from SD card for free.

SD card is the most widely used storage device in Android phones & tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, and many other electronic devices. Therefore, to save phone memories most of the memorable media files are saved in SD cards. With the help of the article, you can recover deleted videos from any SD cards from any cameras including Nikon, Canon or GoPro.

What causes Video loss from SD cards?

Most often videos are lost or deleted from SD card due to below mentioned reasons:

No matter the reason behind the loss of a video file, here are some DIY methods that can guide you to recover deleted or lost video files from SD Card.

If you wonder how to recover videos deleted from SD cards for free, first you need to understand what happens when videos are deleted from SD cards.

Can I recover videos from SD card?

When any files including videos are deleted from SD card, surpasses Recycle Bin and gets erased permanently. Therefore, recovery of video files deleted from SD card from Recycle Bin is not possible. However, with SFWare video recovery software you can easily restore your deleted videos from SD card on your PC.

Any videos deleted from SD card including MOV, MP4, AVI or any other formats can easily be retrieved using SFWare the most trusted video recovery tool. With its streamlined and proficient scan algorithm, the tool works quick and recovers deleted videos in a few clicks and doesn’t affect the originality of the video files. The tool is compatible for any storage media such as SanDisk, Transcend Sony, and many others.

How to Restore Deleted Videos from SD Card?

Download and install SFWare Photo Recovery Software on your PC, connect your SD card to PC from where you wanted to perform the SD card video recovery process. Launch the application.

If an SD card fails to get detected by your device, your memory card might be damaged or corrupted. Repair the SD card to fix the corruption and perform the video recovery process.

(SFWare Photo Recovery Software indeed helps in video recovery from any storage device )

  • From the main screen Click on Recover Photos, select Recover deleted Photo option from the next screen.
  • recover videos from sd card
  • Select the drive from which you need to retrieve deleted videos and click on next.
  • select SD card drive to recover videos
  • After the completion of the scanning process, you will be able to see the recoverable videos or files in Data view and File Type View.
  • Select the video files to be recovered, preview the files and Save the files on your PC.

    preview of recovered videos to restore back

    What if your SD card didn’t mount on the computer? This means that the SD card is corrupted and should be fixed as soon as possible.

    Tips to prevent data loss from Memory Card

  • Immediately stop using memory card when data is being missed
  • Use an antivirus software to scan memory card before using in any other system
  • Avoid ejecting of SD Card when it is still in working condition
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can deleted files from SD card be recovered?

    Yes, you can easily files, videos, photos from SD card. When files deleted from SD card drive, only the pointers that hold the information about the files will be deleted. Therefore, using a safe and professional data recovery software you can recover video files from SD card.

    How do I recover permanently deleted videos?

    If videos are deleted using SHIFT DELETE keywords, videos won’t be found in Recycle Bin. In such cases, you need to make use of a professional data recovery software that helps you recover permanently deleted videos from SD card.

    How to recover deleted videos from SD card Android without computer?

    If you videos are deleted from Android SD card, you can check few methods to recover videos, photos from phone. The easiest way to find deleted videos is to look in Deleted folder on the phone.