How to Repair Corrupt Unplayable AVI?

Updated on August 09, 2022

Is your AVI videos not playing? Play your unplaying AVI videos by repairng the corrupt AVI file using 3 simple steps. Here are a few methods that helps you to fix the problem and make your unplayable AVI video files lay again without any hassle.

AVI is a multimedia container format created by Microsoft. You can play AVI video files in any media player. AVI video file consists of video streams which are encoded using codec’s that are required for Windows Media players to interpret. In case of a missing codec, if you attempt to play back the AVI file, you might face issues associated with audio and video. This can also happen if the AVI file is corrupted. Now let us go through some of the issues with media player where AVI file doesn’t play.

When AVI file won’t play?

Some instances when AVI file fails to play using media player:

Why is my AVI video file not playing?

Listed are the main reasons behind unplayable AVI file:

Reason 1: Damaged header

All the information of the AVI file will be stored in the corresponding header file i.e., file type, file size, modification date, etc. In case if this header data gets corrupted, or avi file index is broken this results in AVI file corruption and you cannot play such videos.

Reason 2: Issues with Codec

Codec is an essential program that helps in playing audio and video files. Different codec helps with various video and audio files. If you want to play audio and video files on your media player then it must have the related codec that it supports. If this codec gets damaged then it makes the AVI video unplayable.

Reason 3: Human Errors

If you switch off the media player while transferring AVI files from one storage drive to another or ejecting the drive abruptly from which you are moving AVI file then it leads to AVI file corruption and fails to play.

How to fix video files that won’t play(AVI, MP4, MOV)?

Try the below mentioned basic workarounds if AVI video files fail to play on your computer:

1. Incomplete downloads or interruptions while transferring AVI files, lead to corruption in the videos. Therefore, download the AVI files again or follow the appropriate transfer protocol to retransfer the AVI videos from the source.

2. Make use of another media player and verify if the AVI files are opening fine. VLC is one of the open source media players designed with built-in video repair features.

How to repair unplayable AVI files with VLC?

VLC media player is the open source media player that contains the codec library that is compatible with all the video file formats. Therefore, VLC media player can work with any video file format that is compatible with the codec it has. and repairs the damaged/ corrupted, or unplayable video files

Follow the below steps to repair AVI files that won’t play:

Now try to play your video and verify if the AVI files are playing. If you still face unplayable AVI issues on your computer, it is because your AVI video files codec is not compatible with the codec library VLC holds or the file is damaged. Also, VLC doesn’t repair severely damaged files,but only tries to autocomplete the file in case of minor corruptions.

How to Fix Avi Files that Won’t Play?

Unplayable AVI files can be fixed and played using safe and trusted AVI File Repair Software.

Corruption on your AVI files can be very uncertain, but fixing these unplayable AVI videos is certainly possible. Fixing these severely corrupt videos becomes complex without a software. SFWare Repair AVI file is a dependable tool which splits the audio and video tracks to repair the stream individually and joins them to form a healthy video. Download the software and try it for free now.

Download the Software and install it on your computer. Launch the application.

Select the corrupt AVI video that won't file

repair broken AVI index

Quick scanning and repairing process initialises

select corrupt file to fix broken AVi index

Click "Preview" option to view the repaired files. if you are satisfied with the results, save your repaired files on your computer.

preview the repaird broekn index AVI file

The software initially separates audio and video parts of the AVI file and repairs corruption on the AVI file. Then it adjoins them to make the file corrupt free and playable. This utility doesn’t make any sort of modification to the original AVI file, but instead it makes a copy of it and performs repair operation on it, as this tool works on principle of read only operation, it ensures 100% safety of AVI file.


We hope the above given methods solves the problem of corrupt AVI files that are not playing. If you were able to play the unplayable AVI video files using any of the mentioned given above, do share your thoughts and share the article with others.