How to Fix Corrupt AVI File Header?

Updated on July 30, 2022

AVI file format is most commonly used video file format due to its high-quality audio-video reliability. What if your favourite video files get corrupt due to problem in AVI file header? This article lets you know why AVI file header is important and a professional yet simple method to fix corruption in AVI file header.

The AVI file main header contains comprehensive information for the entire AVI file, such as length of the file and destination address of the file etc. Therefore, any damage caused to the header leads to AVI file damage and you will be unable to play the AVI video file.

For instance: Just assume that you have downloaded a favourite video file from the internet. When you try to play the downloaded file, it fails to open in your OS. Although you have got the right codec but the inspection tells that AVI header is damaged.

What causes corruption in AVI video file header?

Is It Possible to Repair AVI File Header?

Yes, it is possible to repair AVI file header corruption. First method would be using VLC, when videos is not played on the media player, VLC requests you to fix the index and play. However, minor corruptions can be repaired using the free source VLC media player. Nevertheless, With the help of the professional AVI repair tool, you can easily fix any corruption on AVI files and recover healthy file.

SFWare Repair AVI File Software is the most trusted and used video repair software. It works on read only methodology, therefore no harm is done to the original file. It works on the copy of damaged video file that header is corrupted. It splits the copy of AVI video file into two different data streams i.e. audio data stream and video data stream. Then it repairs both the data stream and later adjoins two repaired data streams to make a corruption free and new playable video file with the repaired header. Try the absolute solution to fix the AVI file header corruption in no time.

Steps to Fix AVI File Header Corruption

To fix header file corruption in AVI, all you need to so is download and install the SFWare AVI File Repair Software. Launch the application.

This Software not only repairs AVI file but also fixes DivX audio sync problem and Xvid video file with ease. This toolkit helps in repairing of AVI video captured or recorded using any media devices like digital camera, camcorder, cell phones, video players etc.