The increase in popularity for video content across the web and MOV is one of the most used video formats. Although, MOV being such a reliable video file format, sometimes it refuses to play on the screen due to various reasons.

Why MOV files get Corrupt?

Understanding the reasons and scenarios could help you analyse the problem that leads to corruption of MOV file and help you avoid these situations from happening again.

Paying due attention to these reasons and scenarios can help you deduct the problem that's causing these corruptions. Understanding these will take you a long way in avoiding these situations from happening again.

Improper Video Compression:

When you try to compress large video files, the video compressing tool inspects the pixels in each and every frame of the video file and compresses them by grouping identical pixels together. So, a bad video compression gives you patchy images without prominent details which cause corruption in the MOV file.

Broken Video Header:

Video files have headers that serve as route maps with regard to giving directions to your computer. The header file has all the technical information to run the video smoothly. A video with a broken header will stop your computer from playing the video or even opening it and thus causes corruption.

Power Interruption While Recording Videos:

This is the most common reason of all. While recording videos, the header file is the last element written to a video, and interruption in the power supply leads to an improper header write operation, making the video corrupt and unplayable.

Unsupported Media Player:

Opening MOV files on the unsupported media player can damage its header which makes the data part inaccessible and corrupt. In such severe cases, it can alter and corrupt the QuickTime application file and make it inaccessible.

Converting MOV to Another File Format:

MOV file conversion needs to be done carefully. Using a third-party application that is not apt for MOV file conversion can cause damage to its file format. Furthermore, corruption happens if any sort of interruption is encountered during the video file conversion process.

Storage Media Corruption:

There is a good chance that the MOV files on storage media may be more prone to corruption, if it has bad sectors or it is logically corrupt due to hardware faults, virus infection, failures software conflicts, etc. Then MOV File gets corrupted which makes it inaccessible.

If you are wondering is it possible to repair corrupt MOV files and get access back on your MOV videos, Yes, you can repair your MOV Files and make them play again. Follow the below mentioned methods and fix MOV files.

How to Fix Corrupt or Damaged MOV Video Files?

Now let's dive in and look into the different types of solutions and methods of Repairing Corrupt MOV file

Method 1: Repair MOV File using VLC Media Player

Most of us are familiar with VLC, a free media player for viewing movies. VLC transcode abilities allow converting damaged MOV videos into playable files. At times, you may get an error message while attempting to access media files in VLC that shows that the MOV files are broken or corrupted, and the player cannot read it. It may prompt to ask for user permission to repair the file. Unaware of the repairing corrupt MOV file capabilities of VLC, we usually select No. Therefore, the next time you encounter a similar issue, and the application asks to repair MP4, MOV or any other media files, Click Yes.

(#1.1)Steps to Repair MOV File using VLC:

(#1.2)Repair MOV File by Changing File Extension Using VLC:

If your MOV files are extremely damaged/corrupt, these methods would not help you fix the issue. However, for minor issues you can easily use VLC to repair the video files. Therefore, in such situations all you need is an efficient SFWare Video repair tool to fix the corruption and recover your MOV files.

If your corrupted MOV file is extremely damaged and facing no sound issues in MOV, and these methods are still not able to fix the corrupted MOV file, then your last resort would be using a Video Repair Tool.

#Method 2: Steps to Repair Corrupted MOV File (Windows & Mac) Using SFWare Video File Repair:

A very simple method to fix and repair corrupted MOV video files can be done in just a few simple clicks

Select Healthy and Corrupted MOV File
Click on 'Repair' button to start repair process
Preview the Repaired MOV Video
Click on 'Save' button to Store Repaired Video File

NOTE: It is necessary to provide a healthy video file along with a corrupted video file with the same formats and codecs for reference. Also, both the files must have recorded on the same recorder or device with the same setting options.

Other Video Formats SFWare Video Repair Tool Supports:

With SFWare MOV Repair, turn you're choppy videos, unplayable and corrupted MOV videos into a smooth playing a healthy file. Did you know that it repairs MP4 files as well?

Yes, it can repair different video file formats shot from different sources like the camcorder, smartphone

The tool fixes header issues in MP4, MOV, and M4V video files with utmost ease

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Drones (DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 3 Pro, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire) and digital cameras having avc1, mp4v, mjpeg codecs, etc.

Tips to Avoid MOV File Corruption