Are you stuck in a situation where the MP4 video is not able to be played? It can be because of a corrupted header file or unfinalized header when the video was edited. This MP4 header is like an index page of a book, it holds the information of the MP4 video. Hence if there is a corruption with the MP4 header, it is impossible to play MP4 video. However, with this article you can make the unplayable video playable by easily repairing MP4 header.

What causes MP4 header damage?

Is it possible to fix an MP4 header which is corrupted?

Yes, broken MP4 headers can be repaired. The MP4 header file has to be analyzed and the codes of the header file has to be reconstructed. By doing so it is possible to fix MP4 header and make it playable. This task can only be accomplished by making use of a professional video repair tool.

How to choose a reliable video repair tool?

Which is the best MP4 video repair tool?

“SFWare Video Repair Tool is the most trusted software to fix MP4 videos with a broken header. With its advanced algorithm, the software is powerful enough to repair MP4 header with high accuracy. The software makes use of a reference MP4 video file and reconstructs broken header data to make it playable. Download and try the SFWare Video repair tool now.”

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How to Repair corrupted MP4 header?

Download and install the SFWare Video Repair Tool. Follow the below mentioned steps to fix the MP4 file header.

1. On the main screen click on Healthy File and provide a reference video of same file format.

how to repair mp4 files

2.Next, click on Corrupted file option and browse for the damaged MP4 file to be repaired.

3.Now, click on Repair option to start the process of repairing MP4 header.

repair MP4 files

4.After completion, click on Preview to validate the repaired MP4 video.

preview repaired MP4 files header

5.Finally, click on Save and provide a location to save the repaired MP4 video file.

preview repaired MP4 files header

Advantages of using SFWare Video Repair:


A broken header file always leads to media players showing error while playing any MP4 video file. Though there are many solutions available to fix MP4 header corruption, they pose more threat to the video file than repairing it. Hence it is recommended to make use of a trustworthy tool like SFWare Video Repair Tool to safely repair MP4 header corruption. It is always fruitful to have a backup of data which really can come in handy in scenarios like header file corruption. However, you can always rely on SFWare on any video related problems.